YES Country Network Nepal

G.P.O. Box 21210 KTM, Kathmandu-34
44601 Kathmandu

Ansprechpartner: Agni Prasad Chaulagain

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Über uns

The Yes Country Network Nepal (YES-Nepal) is a collaboration of youth organizations and NGOs working to prepare for the global Youth Employment Summit and the decade campaign of action that will follow.

The YES-Nepal emerged as a result of a lot of consultations and meetings of various stakeholders. Prior to that in December 2001, a consultation workshop was organized in Kathmandu which eventually lead to the formation of the YES Country Netowork Nepal.

The global YES Campaign was launched in response to the enormous challenge of youth unemployment facing most countries and affecting millions of young people around the world. There are over 60 Country Networks to work collaboratively in taking actions that result in productive and sustainable employment for youth.

The campaign goals of YES Nepal are:

- to build the capacity of young people to create sustainable livelihoods,
- to establish an entrepreneurial culture where young people will work towards self-employment.

For other net participants can offer overnight facilities. Also we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, deliver a lecture and procure an expert information in the field of our work.