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  • Sozialpolitik/behinderte Menschen
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Über uns

Enfold Proactive Health Trust has been in the gender empowerment and child safety space since 2001.

Healthy, safe and self-expressed children living a life with dignity, supported by empowered adults.

Inspire social transformation by empowering children and adults through value and human rights based education in sexuality, personal safety and life skills.

Enfold believes that the way to tackle many issues is to empower individuals with the right information. Our various initiatives:
Dissemination of information:
• To increase authentic knowledge of reproduction, sexuality and adolescent emotional changes among children and youth.
• To counter misinformation with authentic information about HIV, AIDS, STDs and safe sex.
• To increase public awareness of the extent of child sexual abuse (CSA) in India, methods of prevention, early detection and rehabilitation of victims of CSA.
Sensitisation and Awareness
• To help adolescents understand reproductive and sexual rights and responsibilities of sexual behavior. To help parents, teachers and caregivers understand the development of self-esteem in children and methods that help or hinder this development.
• To inculcate in parents and teachers, the methods of developing self-motivation and self discipline in children.
• To disseminate methods of conflict resolution and communication skills among students, parents and teachers.
• To train teachers, interested parents and paramedical and medical personnel in conducting the Proactive Adolescent Health Program.
Research and publication:
• To develop teaching aids on self-motivation, conflict resolution, communication skills, gender sensitization and sexuality.
• To create a database of adolescent concerns, physical and psychosocial health.
Networking and Advocacy:
• To network with other organizations working with children and young adults on issues of health and sexuality

• Programs on CSA Prevention: Life Skills & Sexuality Education; Personal Safety Programs for Children, Parents & Teachers; Awareness and Sensitization Programs for: Corporate, Government & NGO´s
• Programs on CSA Rehabilitation: Training Police, Doctors & Counsellors to better handle CSA cases
• Programs on Sexuality and Parenting

Ashika Shetty is the Head of Program Development and Communication at Enfold Proactive Health Trust.

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.