Sustainable Life Trust

3/79, KR Colony, Pidamaneri
636703 Dharmapuri,Tamilnadu

Ansprechpartner: Pradapan, S.



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Über uns

Sustainable Life Trust came out into being at a time when the twin issues, namely the sustainable development and conservation of natural resources figured in the global agenda. Realizing the indispensability of holistic approach in sustainable development and conservation, the major objectives of the trust have been envisaged encompassing to promote sustainable lifestyles, environmental development with ethnic and disadvantaged community at the central stage.

Sutainable Life Trust is a registered trust under Indian Charitable Trust Act and working in the field of sustainable agriculture, bio-diversity conservation-medicinal plants in particular, sustainable health care through native medicare system, women and child development through collective action and the like with the support of local well wishers and government supports.

Its mission is:

- medicinal plants for health and livelihood security for scheduled tribal community,
- solid waste management,
- ecological restoration,
- women self help group formation for their socio-economic, cultural development.

S. Pradapan is the Director of Sustainable Life Trust.

For other net participants we can offer overnight facilities. Further we procure expert information and establish new contacts in the following field: environment, bio-diversity conservation and sustainable agriculture.