Solidarity Youth Voluntary Organization (SOYVO)

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Hargeisa / Burao

Ansprechpartner: Aden Ismail Gedi

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  • Bildungspolitik/-projekt
  • Menschenrechte
  • Sozialpolitik/behinderte Menschen
  • Freiwillige Helfer sind willkommen.

Über uns

Solidarity Youth Voluntary Organization (SOYVO), is a grassroots non-political and non-profit making organization which runs a wide range of projects across in Somaliland, founded in January 2003 with a major mandate to build self reliance amongst the marginalized people in particular children, youth and women of Somaliland. The organization´s desire to see change in the communities has enabled it to circumspectly select the projects that are designed to address the core issues affecting the livelihood, civic education, and environment and health promotion of the communities.

Major activities are focused on human rights, peace building & culture, democracy, livelihood- micro-finance, enterprise, HIV/AIDS prevention, child education, non-formal education and conflict resolution to create enabling environment for development, advocate for good governance and gender equity.

SOYVO exists to contribute positively to the society and engage in activities that cater to the needs of Somaliland youth and to promote positive behavior change amongst the youth through advocacy empowerment, partnership and recourse/mobilization for the eradication of HIV/AIDS and lack of human rights in Somaliland.

SOVYO strives to see a society free from illiteracy, infectious diseases like HIV/AIDS STIs and active youth participating in the decision-making bodies of the country peace building and promotion of sports.

• To produce youngsters with enriched moral and cultural aspects of the social life.
• Instill virtuous conduct and behavior among youth
• Facilitate communication amongst all the Somaliland youth
• To unite Somali students who are in the different educational levels
• To protect the rights of Somaliland youth through raising human rights awareness
• To enhance the conflict resolution skills of youngsters
• To protect to desert the dry lands
• To see communities practicing gender equality the equal value between men and women

Areas of work
• Vocational Training Center
• Children Center
• Protection & Human Rights
• Enviromental/ Agricultural Movement
• Health
• Democracy Movement
• Eduction & Peace Building

Aden Ismail Gedi is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Solidarity Youth Voluntary Organization (SOYVO).

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.