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Über uns

Prodipan is a Bengali term, means ´enlightenment´. As a voluntary NGO, Prodipan entered into the field of development in 1983 by a collective efforts of encouraged social activists with an aim of creating a society where basic needs of the people would be ensured through socio-economic development initiatives.
Since its origin, Prodipan gives special emphasis on human development and stresses on raising social awareness and empowerment of the beneficiaries, which ultimately assist the process of building an institution of the people and for the people.

To facilitate the process of organization building of the poor and underprivileged towards socio-economic empowerment with the specific target for children, gender, environment and climate change needs.

Major Programs
• Child Protection: Strengthening non-state actors and local bodies to reduce child poverty and promote rights of vulnerable children project- NSA Project; Child feeding programme
• Economic Empowerment: Financial support for the poorest (FSP); Livelihood restoration program; Micro enterprise (ME); Rural micro credit (RMC); Ultra poor program (UPP); Rural women employment creation project (RWECP)
• Livelihood Rehabilitation in Climate Change: Household economic and food security of extreme poor; Technical support in livelihood recovery
• Education: Basic education for hard to reach urban working children (BETHRUC) project; School feeding programme
• Environment and Climate Change: Climate change adaptive livelihood options; Clinical waste management project, Solid waste management,
• Human Rights: Ensuring rights of the poor professional workers on the harvestable resources of sundarban
• Water and Sanitation: Drinking water supply in coastal areas through desalinization and providing sanitation hardware and software support.

Ferdausur Rahman is the President of Prodipan.

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.

National Forest Policy Advocacy Network
Relief Work of Prodipan
Climate Change & DRR Program