Hands of Hope Artisans Carver´s Self Help Group

Improving Lives and Raising Community Standards


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Über uns

Hands of Hope Artisans Carvers Self Help Project is a registered grass roots charity project founded in Kenya in the year 2006 to respond to the needs of vulnerable artisans, improving lives and raising community living standards, health care and education.

Our Vision is empowering all target artists to enjoy sustainable livelihoods through social and economic activities. Development of community through utilization of environmental and national resources.

The mission of Hands of Hope Artisans Carvers Self Help Group is to eliminate extreme poverty from among the members and the community at large, Getting involved in sustainable trade in order to build strong economically and social families in the village and urban towns in Kenya.

• Income generating activities: Empowering members to generate income through participating and trading in commercial handcrafts; Provision of practical skills to widows, young people, teenage mothers and drop out of school girls.
• Education: Provision of formal education for target children and its members who are seeking for opportunities, training and relevant career.
• Quality assurance: To create and supply new product samples and new quality designs.
• Changing living standards: To improve living standards by achieving proper primary health care, shelter, clothing and income generation for the target beneficiaries and its members.
• Production and marketing: Supporting members and encouraging them to produce and add additional of value and market fairly traded commercial handicrafts.
• Technology: Introduction and provision of new modern technologies, tools, and highly quality materials to produce quality admired commercial handicrafts and market-led products.
• Child support: Encouraging and participating in child support programs and campaigns.
• To over and support vocational training for young people ,widows, orphaned children, and other vulnerable children and groups through establishment of training centre and sponsorship to enable them achieve self reliance and economic empowerment.
• To initiate income generating projects both for sustaining the organizations activities and individual members livelihoods.
• To network with other organizations for exchange of ideas, wider stakeholder participation and success of initiated projects.

• Production of greeting cards, paper beads products, soapstone products, and necklaces.
• Counseling i.e. pre and post HIV psychological and crisis counseling.
• Participation in all community primary health care programmers i.e. Malaria control HIV/AIDS and provision of clean water and sanitation to the community.
• Raising of funds for school fees, medical, shelter, food and clothing for orphans and vulnerable children, HIV/AIDS in the target community.

For other net participants we can offer overnight facilities. Also we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field: network for the betterment of our community. Also we can offer: Training for groups of vulnerable people on income generating activities and microfinance services.

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HIV/AIDS Widows making post cards