General Movement for Rural Education and Environment


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Über uns

A group of young energetic youth in the Theni District of Tamilnadu (India) formed an association called General Movement for Rural Education and Environment (GREEN), which was officially registered in 1989.

Green aims to provide feasible solutions through participatory approaches and appropriate technologies in improving environment and offer alternative to current farming practices, climate change impacts and biodiversity

Green`s mission is promoting education and awareness about environment and biodiversity in the region and emphasize the goods and services they provide and the need for conservation and sustainable use.

• Sustainable Development through participatory approaches, while protecting the biological diversity in rural areas and in Mountain regions
• To strengthen village-based associations and Community based organisations for the betterment of the downtrodden communities.
• To create awareness among the targeted rural and Tribe groups.
• To work for the betterment of indigenous communities in mountain areas and to protect their indigenous knowledge and wisdom.
• To evolve a community-based health system in all villages and Tribal hamlets
• To reduce the infant and Maternal Mortality Rates in the target area of intervention.
• To impart skills among the unskilled utilizing the local resources for communal management of Natural Resources in the region.
• To promote income generation activities among women and Tribal communities and to improve their native handicraft items.
• To care and support the aged people, physically handicapped and the people living with AIDS.
• To identify the endangered medicinal plants among the people through proper training and marketing strategies for the economical sustainability of the famers.
• To promote organic/natural farming practices and integrated farming in rural and mountain areas.
• To promote and protect the environment and the natural resources of Western Ghats in general so as to protect flora and fauna of the region.

For other net participants we can offer overnight facilities. Also we can offer an expert guidance in the field: mountain ecosystem, biodiversity and women development.