Women´s Force

NO 38, Jalan Gasing
46000 Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan

Ansprechpartner: Glorene Amala

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  • Frauenpolitik/feministisches Projekt
  • Menschenrechte
  • Antirassismus, Integrationspolitik

Über uns

Tenaganita was founded in 1991, born out of the struggles of women workers in the plantations and industrial sectors to gain their rights as workers; for decent wages, decent living conditions and to stop discrimination and gender based-violence.

In responding to the grievous human rights violations affecting various sectors of the population, Tenaganita´s scope has grown to address issues of exploitation, discrimination, unequal treatment and violence not just against women, but also against refugees, documented and undocumented migrant workers, trafficked persons, domestic workers, sex workers and people living with HIV/AIDS.

The organization currently has three major focus areas of work:
• Migrant and Refugee Rights Protection;
• Anti-trafficking in Persons;
• Business Accountability and Responsibility.

Tenaganita´s mission is to promote a culture where equality and human rights for all are embraced, valued and protected.
We believe in mobilizing and empowering communities to understand, uphold and defend their rights; working closely with communities and other civil society agents to prevent, solve and address rights violations against women, migrants & refugees; consistently advocating at local and international levels for effective protection of human rights; conducting research and developing and utilizing tools for awareness and education at various levels.

• Anti-Trafficking in Persons
• Refugee Action Programme
• Business Accountability and Responsibility
• Migrant Clinic (LAC)
• Equality and Non-Discrimination

Glorene Amala is the Programme Director of TENAGANITA Women´s Force.

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.