CHISTRE - Centre for HIV/AIDS and Sexually Transmitted Disease Research

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Apapa, Lagos State

Ansprechpartner: Nduka Ozor

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Über uns

Centre for HIV/AIDS and Sexually Transmitted Disease Research (CHISTRE) is a non-governmental organization (NGO) established in 2000 to address the socio-economic and health concerns of the people in rural areas and other poor communities in Nigeria. CHISTRE has grown into an accomplished organization dedicated to a progressive society through social and educational programs.

Our work
• CHISTRE´s main goal is to deal with the HIV/AIDS, Malaria and TB crisis that is ravaging communities and cities throughout Nigeria and destroying lives.
• CHISTRE is trying to provide an integrated, holistic response to the crisis, ensuring increased effectiveness in combating the disease, while moving towards a more advanced society.
• CHISTRE is disseminating accurate information throughout the area, educating the public on all issues associated with HIV/AIDS and other STDs, and providing assistance to those already affected by the disease.
• We are also extremely focused on training peer educators, teachers, and health care professionals with the hopes of creating self-sustaining and self-sufficient environments, where people are equipped with the knowledge, skills, and tools necessary to take control of the problem themselves and create a better future for all.

• Catch Them Young Program: "A Generation Without AIDS" This was an in-school HIV/AIDS educational program launched in 6 primary schools. Curriculum was developed by CHISTRE staff and other public health experts and taught by CHISTRE trained teachers in order to spread accurate information among the younger generation, with a goal of eventual movement towards "A Generation without AIDS."
• Expansion of the Catch Them Young Program: The original program has been expanded from 6 primary schools to 13 primary schools and 5 post-primary schools in Agwa with the objective of creating self-sustaining and self-managing HIV/AIDS educational programs (Anti-AIDS clubs).
• CHISTRE is also working on the establishment of a 50-bed palliative care center and an antiretroviral (ARV) clinic with the capacity to handle 20-30 patients daily.
• HIV/AIDS Awareness Campaign: HIV/AIDS awareness campaign groups were formed and are still in operation in 10 villages throughout the surrounding area. Their main goal is to apprise the general population of the dangers and risks involved with HIV/AIDS through village meetings and educational materials.
• HIV/AIDS Book Project: Material campaign launched by United Nations online volunteers in order to collect books and materials for the development of a library dedicated to HIV/AIDS, STDs, and sexual health. Over 3,000 books, CD-ROMs, posters, flyers, etc… were acquired for use by students, teachers, and health care workers throughout the community and surrounding areas.
• HIV/AIDS Awareness Football Competition: A program designed using football matches as a way to disseminate accurate information about HIV/AIDS and associated risks, stigmas, as well as protection methods.
• Malaria and TB eradication: Working with like minds to promote the use of treated bed nets (LLIN),IPT to pregnant women, ensure that children under 5 do not die from malaria anymore in our communities

Nduka Ozor is the Project Director of the Centre For HIV/AIDS and STD Research (CHISTRE).

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.

This 78-year-old woman is volunteering for CHISTRE to support malaria eradication program of CHISTRE
World Malaria day celebration with NYSC members in Nigeria