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Über uns

The Kenya Education Fund (KEF) is a US and Kenya registered NGO, incorporated in 2005, devoted to providing educational opportunities to Kenyan girls and boys who are unable to afford the costs of attending high school. The Kenya Education Fund is an international nonprofit organization based on the philosophy that a complete secondary education is the cornerstone of personal, social and economic development.

The KEF mission is to provide disadvantaged students in Kenya, and their schools, with support and educational resources so that they may improve their communities and break the cycle of poverty in Kenya.

Our Programs
• Scholarships: The KEF matches individual donors with needy Kenyan students who, without external support, would be unable to access high school in their own country. Your KEF sponsorship lasts 4-years, covering grades 9-12 for a student in boarding school. You will receive letters from your student and photos of them throughout your sponsorship.
• KEF Mentoring and Career Guidance Workshops: KEF Mentoring Workshops are designed to provide our high school scholars with essential psychosocial support to boost their academic performance and ensure that they possess the skills to succeed in university and beyond. We invite outstanding Kenyan entrepreneurs, university students and social workers to lead these workshops in a way that is both culturally relevant and fun for our students. KEF Mentoring Workshops are offered for free to first and third year KEF high school students.
• HIV/Aids Teacher-Training: The Kenya Education Fund´s Teacher Training Program is a free service provided to all schools attended by KEF kids. Our trainers are experienced health professionals that have worked for the Ministry of Health and local VCT´s (Voluntary Counseling and Testing Clinics). They work with teachers to develop student-centered public health curricula. In so doing, trainers and teachers focus upon what we call "Life Skills" – those essential aspects of social interaction and learning that include the development of attitudes, values and knowledge needed to make life´s most important decisions. Our trainers will teach educators creative exercises and games designed to build their students´ skills in areas such as communication, self-confidence, goal-setting, resisting peer-pressure and preventing illness. By transferring the skills of effective HIV/AIDS education to teachers, we are supporting a sustainable approach to prevention.
• Computer Exchange: Although many of our students attend schools equipped with computers, the Kenya Computer Exchange aims to improve the capacity of these institutions to deliver quality computer education. Often a school will have two or three working computers shared by hundreds of students. The Kenya Computer Exchange offers these schools new or used computers in exchange for tuition credit that the KEF uses to enroll needy students.

Valeria Bonanome is the Development Manager of the Kenya Education Fund (KEF) in the USA.

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.