Green Cameroon

P.O. Box 96, Up Court, Buea Town

Ansprechpartner: Masango Sone

+237 233 323 144; +237 677 756 881


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Über uns

Green Cameroon is a small NGO in Buea that works towards environmental protection. Green Cameroon was founded in 2003 with a mission to conserve Cameroon´s rich biodiversity by working on practical solutions to solve nature conservation problems. We pay close attention to sustainable development, rural community livelihood and contemporary environmental issues.
This NGO in Buea, South-West Region, was formed with a strong commitment to fighting for environmental protection in our communities on issues like deforestation, desertification, unsustainable farming practices, improper waste management and waste disposal methods, water scarcity, health problems linked to sanitation and general lukewarm attitude towards environment and nature conservation issues. Green Cameroon helps local community members to live better lives by improving on living standards alongside making scarce resources available for posterity.

Our activities
• Providing environmental education on global and regional issues affecting Africa as well as environmental protection
• Increasing the ability of local populations to benefit and contribute to natural resource management and conservation
• Promoting new and traditional approaches to increasing food production without losing on-farm biodiversity
• Focusing on activities that conserve and protect the local environment and helping to alleviate poverty for communities
• Organising water and sanitation education at schools and health centres

Our Projects
• Green Media Campaign: The Green Media Campaign will make use of the media in all forms to educate and sensitise on environmental issues. Education and provision of information towards the population; Enabling conditions via concrete actions (implementation of selective bins, gardens, etc.); Advocacy towards the decision-makers for an increased attention to environmental problems.
• Green Schools & Green Orphanage: Environmental education
• Community Development Program: Through this program, we practically work on identifying and redressing top priority problems in some vulnerable communities. Through studies, projects are identified, solutions are proposed and projects are designed to solve the identified problems.
• Community Trees Campaign: Through the project, we build tree nurseries in communities where we give the hands on training in the propagation of tree species, nursery management, tree planting and forest management. We also try to show community members the advantages in using modern agroforestry techniques and how they can solve some economic and farming issues common in the region.
• GeoInformation for Environmental Management: The purpose of this initiative is to develop a Geographic Information System to assist the management of our environmental projects.
• Community Pig Farm Project
• Adopt A Tree: Through this project, local communities can plant trees in order to fight deforestation and to enable them to make a living by tree planting, forest management and teaching others to solve farming issues in a sustainable way
• Hope from the Farm: The project encourages youths to get involved in agricultural activities and shows them that farming can be a major source of income if practiced and embraced in a serious and systematic way.
• Lower Wonjoku Community Water Supply Project: The project´s aim is to supply the 700 inhabitants of Lower Wonjoku Community with drinking water and simultaneously provide short transportation routes to the consumers.
• Green Mount Cameroon Project supported by the Eco-Peace Leadership Center and Yohan-Kimberly: The project was launched with the intention of conserving biodiversity in the Mount Cameroon Forest Region by reducing the pressure mounted on our forest by community members in their demand for wood intended for household heating. The project was developed to provide alternative sources of wood and replacing the already lost forest in this area through the planting of at least 1000 trees in this region. The project came under 3 phases consisting of, an education and sensitization phase, training and capacity building and finally a practical tree planting phase.

Masango Sone is the Founder and Executive Director of Green Cameroon.

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.