Children Home Nepal

P O BOX:15142 KPC 888; Buddhanilakantha, Naranthan
Kathmandu, Bagmati

Ansprechpartner: Sujan Pariyar

+977 9816665218; 9847754011


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Über uns

Children Home Nepal by Inxchan

Children Home Nepal is a government certified social organization in Nepal.This organisation was founded with the goal of supporting needy children, women and community welfare.

The purpose of Inxchan is to connect the volunteer time, investment and experience directly to the welfare of the children, women, animal projects and other projects instead of a third person profit.

Our vision
For Inxchan to be one of the leading volunteering organizations working internationally for the development of a caring, loving and healthy society. If you are willing to volunteer in Nepal, then we offer you wide range a welfare programs to join and work for welfare. We mainly focus our program to teach English and share love and happiness to our orphanage home.

Our aims and objectives:
• Providing skilled and willing labour in needed sectors across Nepal.
• To aid in the education of children and disadvantaged women in Nepal.
• Providing 24/7 medical service throughout the placement of our volunteer workers.
• Uplifting the poor and marginal community by providing national and international volunteering skills.
• Promote community developmental programs.
• Ensure women and children rights are upheld.
• Promote the importance and show the advantage of volunteering not only for society but for the worker themselves.

Our recent work:
• Got involved in community developmental programs.
• Found families for orphaned children.
• Hired skilled teachers to teach orphaned children.
• Constructed schools, hospitals and orphanage care houses.
• Aided local organic farms.
• Got involved in blood donation and other medical camps.
• Partnered with international organizations

• Orphanage Home
• Monastery
• Animal Care
• Medical Internship
• Organic Farming
• Women Empowerment

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff and establish new contacts in the field of our work.