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Über uns

Flying for Life is an initiative of an international organisation known as MAF (Mission Aviation Fellowship). The South African branch was established in the 1970´s to support people from the organisation stationed in remote parts of the African continent. Flying for Life was launched in the second part of 2011, flying to Venda, Limpopo on a regular basis. Flying for Life is a Public Benefit Organisation (PBO) that aims to sustainably uplift isolated communities in South Africa through aviation.

Our mission is to deliver help, hope and healing to the poor and neglected.
• Help: There are millions of desperate people living away from the economic corridors of our country; Flying for life brings these people help. We bring nutritious and fortified foods; we bring clothing; we bring educational supplies; we bring means to repair and build infrastructure such as classrooms and homes; we bring solutions for water supplies.
• Hope: Help is the initial relief we bring, but those living in isolation in rural South Africa have lost hope. Flying for Life brings hope - a sustainable solution to the community. We bring educational trainers who train teachers to give the youth of these communities a proper education and give them a future. We bring entrepreneurial expertise, enterprise development and farming solutions to teach the hopeless and jobless of the communities that they can become part of economy and earn an income.
• Healing: Those living in isolation have no real access to healthcare – clinics are vacant, nurses move to higher earning hospitals in bigger cities, and supplies are depleted. Flying for Life brings weekly medical solutions to those who need medical care and attention

Flying for Life has a vision to see communities transformed in a sustainable way by addressing the following focus areas:
• Rural Healthcare: Flying for Life transports doctors, nurses and other medical professionals with much needed medical supplies to treat people that otherwise would have difficult or no access to medical care. Flying for Life is called on to do "medevacs" (medical evacuations), delivering critically injured or ill people.
• Early Childhood Development and Education: We believe that education is the solution to poverty and that it is the right of a child to receive a proper education. We fly in professionals to train existing teachers and individuals who have a passion for educating the youth. We also fly in school supplies and material for the construction and repair of school buildings.
• Food Security: Flying for Life is dedicated to fighting the plight of poverty. We partner with organisations that are able to assist in donating food for a short term solution to alleviate malnutrition and hunger. Our long term solution is to partner with organisations that train community members to develop sustainable farming practices in their particular terrain.
• Living Conditions: Flying for Life flies in organisations that bring solutions to provide more adequate housing, running water and increased sanitation.
• Enterprise Development: Flying for Life wants the communities we work in to ultimately be completely self-reliant. We work with organisations who teach trade practices to unemployed members of society so that they can create an income.
• Sports, Arts and Culture: Flying for Life is committed to seeing sports, art and culture developed within the communities in which we work.

Matthew du Bois is the Marketing Assistant at Flying for Life.

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.