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Über uns

Uthaan is a Gurgaon based Non Government Organization, founded 2003, which is doing charitable work in fields such as Vermiculture, Organic Cultivation, Herbal planting, Animal welfare, Green movement and Conservation of non-renewable fossil fuels and Women Uplifment. We strongly believe that a greener Earth, is a happier Earth.

At Uthaan, we encourage and wish to initiate concern among our fellow citizens for the critical need of Environment Conservation and Animal Welfare. We believe that no goal is too ambitious, no person too young or too old when it comes to helping our planet become a better place to live.

Our activities:
• Green Movement: Students of member school are involved in plantation movement in School as well as their respective localities.
• Woman Upliftment: Volunteers who are Doctors, Nutritionist & from other related fields devote at least one day in a month for conducting camps in different villages especially for rural woman. In addition to usual health check up the efforts is more towards creating awareness about women's right.
• Water Harvesting: NGO has opened a special cell wherein volunteers are motivating residents of Gurgaon to get the water harvesting done in their Houses or Localities.
• Vermiculture: Vermiculture or earthworm rearing is ancient method of soil up gradation by organic means without any use of Chemicals. Uthaan is propagating this system thru its work force of student. Small demo kits of Vermiculture having earthworms are installed in member schools to demonstrate & produce organic manure.
• Organic Cultivation: NGO through its volunteers is contacting farmers to showcase the advantage of organic cultivation without the use of Chemical fertilizers & pesticides.
• Animal Ambulance
• Solar Energy Promotion

• Women Car Rally
• PCRA Project: PCRA is a Central Govt Organization with a mandate to spread message of Fuel conservation. This is being done through NGO´s in different part of India. Uthaan is conducting Energy conservation Seminars/Workshops in different states.
• Plantation Drive: Plants are to be planted social purpose and member school are bound to ensure survival of plants.
• Vermiculture Unit: For demonstration of vermicompost unit School can send student to farm where we´ve set up a live demo unit working 24 hrs.
• Solar Equipment Demonstration: We arrange demo of Solar equipments like Solar lanterns, Fans & water heating system in school in coordination with State Dept.
• Water Harvesting system in School: We can provide the basic guidelines of water harvesting system FREE of cost
• Bonsai Making: In 6-9 classes students can learn & create bonsai´s their own.
• Setting up Herbal Garden: We provide more than 20 species of rare herbal plants in pots for setting up a herbal garden in school premises itself.
• Installation of Solar Water Heater: Uthaan has helped a Deaf & Dumb school in Gurgaon with installation of Solar Water Heater System

Sanjay Kaushik is the President of Uthaan.

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.