Bakassi Environmental Management Initiative (BEMI)

125 White House
Calabar, Cross River

Ansprechpartner: Orok Edem Eneyo

+234 (0)8056452529


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Über uns

Bakassi Environmental Management Initiative (BEMI) is a community based, non-governmental, voluntary and not for profit organization founded in the year 2002, to confront the flagrant and consistent environmental degradation and pollution due to human economic activities primarily in Bakassi Peninsula. Bakassi Peninsula is home to over 2000km2 mangrove ecosystem and coasted rainforest.

BEMI envisions are Bakassi territory and Cross River coastal communities in Niger Delta, that attain sustainable development in a way, that allowed all its inhabitants to meet their needs without harming the environment and remained healthy.

Organization's focus:

- education / awareness of HIV/ AIDS prevention, control voluntary confidential counselling, testing, treatment and management,
- preservation, conservation and protection of mangrove ecosystem,
- environmental protection of Bakassi coastal communities against degradation and pollution,
- inculcation of friendly fishing practices culture in the wetland dwellers,
- peaceful coexistence among the inhabitants and the multi- national corporation,
- campaign against child abuse - child labour, slavery, trafficking and abduction,
- capacity building for volunteers; gender balance ( equality),
- micro enterprises for sustainable economic development, etc.

Orok Edem Eneyo is the founder and executive director of BEMI.

For other net participants we can offer overnight facilities. Further we can give an expert opinion and deliver a lecture in the following field: community development project in Nigeria.