Women and Youth Survival Foundation Programme (WAYSFOP)

P. O. Box 3
Nkwanta, Volta Region

Ansprechpartner: Damson Mawuena

+233 243 235 131


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Über uns

The Women and Youth Survival Foundation Programme (WAYSFOP) is a local NGO based in the Nkwanta South district in the Volta Region of Ghana. It was established in 2004 with its objects in the following areas:
• Supporting needy children in basic schools and infrastructure
• Health: malaria, disseminating information on dangers of HIV/AIDS, etc.
• Offering skills training to unemployed women and youth
• Offering micro-credits to women and other interested persons
• Promoting the use of solar energy to mitigate the effects of climate change in Ghana
• Providing justice education, human rights and advocacy for the youth and women
• Any other activity which goes a long way to reduce poverty

WAYSFOP’s vision is to work assiduously towards poverty alleviation as women, children and the youth are empowered to develop their potentials in the creation of health, wealth and opportunities for the vulnerable in the Nkwanta North and South Districts of the Volta Region of Ghana.

WAYSFOP designs and provides interventions that promote the health and well-being of women, children and the youth and assists in poverty reduction strategies and interventions at the community levels as well as research, evaluate, formulate and advance health and education programmes and systems.

WAYSFOP focuses its activities on the community and household levels as the main producers of health, well-being and wealth. WAYSFOP serves as a local resource for communities and other organizations seeking guidance and interventions about issues of health, health services delivery, education, community mobilization, poverty reduction, women and youth empowerment, and the implementation of issues mostly related to women, youth and children.

WAYSFOP seeks to develop innovative strategies, programmes and interventions that encourage youth and women’s participation to sustain positive growth, development, health and well-being of women, the youth and children.

Projects in the Nkwanta South district in the Volta Region of Ghana:

I/ 2005: HIV/AIDS sensitization

II/ 2006: Malaria Awareness

III/ 2006: Sale of 800 insecticide treated bed nets

IV/ 2007: Vegetable Cultivation by Adele Women Empowerment Group (100 members)
V/ 2007: Solar Dryer for Adele Women Empowerment Group (100 members)

VI/ 2007-2008: Skills development and training for women in bakery and pastry, soap, powder, pomade, and beads making, and micro-credit scheme. (122 women)

VII/ 2009: Malaria project

VIII/ 2008 – 2011: Skills training for Unemployed Teenage Mothers in Dressmaking, Hairdressing, and Computer Studies.

IX/ Solar-Project: WAYSFOP started promoting the use of solar home lighting systems in the Nkwanta districts in 2009. WAYSFOP collaborates with solar companies in Ghana to sell solar lights.

X/ Technical tools for the establishment of Vocational Training School.

Damson Mawuena is the Founder and CEO of WAYSFOP.

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.

Teenage Mothers - Computer Studies
Teenage Mothers (dressmakers)
Teenage mothers (hairdressers)