New Community Quarterly Association, Inc. (NCQ)

9 Jeffery Street
Blackburn (Melbourne) Victoria 3130

Ansprechpartner: Leeman, Ben

+61 3 9808 1710


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  • Alternative Ökonomie
  • Friedenspolitik
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Über uns

The New Community Quarterly Association is a network of people interested to promote positive social change in many areas of social and community development. The members are
concerned with topics as diverse as:

- social justice,

- indigenous rights,

- environmental sustainability,

- social policies,

- voluntary work,

- alternative economics,

- neighbourhood renewal,

- health policies and

- spirituality and ethics.

The Association publishes a not-for-profit magazine, the only Australian journal devoted to community development, "New Community Quarterly" with articles centered around a
particular theme for each issue, including refereed articles, network news, and reviews.

For other net participants we can offer overnight facilities. Further we can deliver a lecture and procure expert information in the field of our work.