Orangi Welfare Project

M-2990, Street No. 5, Ali Nagar, Sector 11 ½, Orangi Township, P.O. Box No. 14097
Karachi 75800

Ansprechpartner: Ziad, Waleed and Allauddin, Mohammad



  • Gemeinschaft, Gemeindeprojekt
  • Umweltprojekt
  • Bildungspolitik/-projekt

Über uns

The Orangi Welfare Project (Trust) was founded in 1997 for the purpose of alleviating urban poverty in the Ali Nagar area in Orangi, a sector of Karachi, on a sustainable self help basis through education, health services, environmental development, infrastructure development, and grassroots community development. The NGO caters to Ali Nagar in Orangi Town, a community of 12.000 people in one of the most economically deprived areas of Karachi. The vast majority of residents are in the lower earning bracket of less than 2000 Rs. per month.

Major activities:

- Orangi Welfare Grammar School: Provides primary education to girls and boys. Currently 100 girls and 100 boys are enrolled.
- Women's vocational training center: Provides vocational training to women in handicrafts, and garment manufacturing, and provides for a teachers' training program aided by Allama Iqbal Open University. Emphasizes promotion of women's involvement in community development and in the work force.
- Environmental Program: Organizes and implements waste disposal, forestation schemes, and the establishment of public parks in Ali Nagar.
- Utilities provision: Organizes and trains community members to develop and maintain utilities infrastructure including electricity, water, and natural gas lines. Organizes joint efforts between the local authorities and community members in this regard.
- Public Health Program: In developmental stage. Intends to provide vaccinations and basic health facilities to community members.

Mohammad Allauddin is the Director of the organization.

For other net participants we can deliver a lecture and establish new contacts in the field of our work.