Special Attention towards Handicapped (SATH)

Mubarik Abad Colony, Shorkot Road, Toba Tek Singh

Ansprechpartner: John Victor]


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Über uns

Special Attention towards Handicapped (SATH) is a non-profit organisation, working with the disabled children those who live in rural and suburban area through community based rehabilitation program in marginalized communities. The Handicapped children are neglected in the society of Pakistan. The parent’s response to the disability of the children is lacking, because of the short resources being provided for the awareness programmes.

SATH is a non profit, non political and non governmental organization and it has been working for the uplift of the poor and disabled children and youth since 1999 in TOBA TEK Singh, Pakistan and surrounding areas. SATH concentrates on the issues related to the rehabilitation and education of the disabled children. It operates on human basis without any discrimination of sex, race, colour and religion.
SATH is an urdu word which means to be with in English. So the SATH members want to be with these needy people, they want to stand with them. As sath is working with handicap children for last three year.

To uplift the disabled people in the society so they may be able to prove their ability to the society. Help poor children get education so that they may be able to uplift themselves.

• To provide the health facilities to the disabled
• To conscientize and aware the parents about their children’s problems
• To arrange the entertainment programs for the disabled people
• To give them formal education

Response Program:
• Make the community aware and help them accept the disabled
• Physiotherapy
• Skills development program for handicapped
• Entertainment/Creative art programs
• Helping handicapped in school education
• Education of families particularly mothers

• 25 to 30 polio affected improved for more than one year efforts of SATH volunteers.
• Four to five volunteers started working for eight years.
• Students and a few senior women got training and worked voluntarily.
• Promoted interfaith dialogue through handicapped as most of the handicapped were Muslims. ( Marking the month of Holy Ramadan) and others
• Fundraising and helping victims of Tsunami, Hurricane Katrina, Rita and Wilma and earthquake victims. (Sale of wishing cards, bracelets and wallets and printed T-Shirts)
• Distributed almost ten wheel chairs among affected handicapped.
• The handicapped visited earthquake areas and took part in interactive theater.
• Arranged awareness program for the rights of handicapped.
• Networked with other national and international organizations.

John Victor is a key leader and manager of SATH.

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.