Rural Education and Action Development (READ)


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Über uns

Rural Education and Action Development (READ) came into existence during 1994. It started as a voluntary organization by a group of committed social workers who have been in the field of social work for a decade

READ is an NGO, headquartered in Andimadam (Ariyalur District, Tamil Nadu India) that works to improve the social, educational and economic conditions of the underprivileged, disadvantaged and vulnerable people, irrespective of caste, creed, religion, sex and sexual orientation.

Programs and activities
• Child Education, Protection and rights: Mother Teresa School; Jawahar Matr. School, Child Line 1098 for child protection and rights in Ariyalur District
• HIV & AIDS: Awareness, Support and Care
• Community Development through Self-help groups: Beautician Training; NABARD training program (Hand made greeting card training; Cashew nut Processing Training; Computer Training)
• Micro-Finance: SHG started internal savings and micro-credit activities.
• Improvement of agriculture: READ´s agricultural program: Sustainable and eco-friendly economic development of farming communities through modern crop production technologies.
• Disability Programs: To empower and rehabilitate disabled persons in Andimadam and Sendurai Blocks Andimadam in Ariyalur District. Run Anbagam Special School for Mentally Retarded Children in Andimadam and Perambalur. Early Intervention Center for Mentally Retarded Children in Perambalur, Anbagam Adult home for above 14 years Mentally retarded Male in Peramablur and Female in Andimadam.
• Environment: Environmental Awareness Campaigns; Solar cooking
• Vocational Training: Empowering the youth and disabled people with the skills to build a future. Tailoring & basket-weaving; Typewriting; Computer-training; Book-binding; Greeting card production
• Community Health: Perambalur Community Hygiene Project - Building community-operated toilet facilities, School health and Hygiene program
• Community Resource Center: Establishment of a facilitation and capacity-building center for rural disabled people
• Sponsorship program for Orphan, semi-orphan, HIV infected and affected children, poor children for their education, food and medical reimbursement supports.

Member in Tamil Nadu Voluntary Health Association(TNVHA), Tamil Nadu. Voluntary Association of Network in India(VANI), New Delhi. Rajivgandhi Drinking Water and Sanitation, Ariyalur District, Vigilance and Monitoring Committee in Ariyalur District, and State Level Vigilance and Monitoring committee, Tamil Nadu. Child welfare committee, Ariyalur.

D. Selvam is the Founder and Executive Director of Rural Education and Action Development (READ).

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.