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- Rwanguba, Territory of Riutshuru, Province of North Kivu
Dem. Republik Kongo (Zaire)

Ansprechpartner: Martin Mashagiro

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The organization Support Program for the Fight against Poverty for the Emergence and Restoration of Substainable developpent is work in DRC Republic Democratic of the Congo for to reduce Poverty and hungry in different territorie's RUTSHURU, NYIRAGONGO,and MASISI in North province, our page Facebook is Palper Asbl

Über uns

Support Program for the Fight against Poverty for the Emergence and Restoration of Sustainable Development/Programme d’Appui a la Lutte contre la Pauvrete pour l’Emergence et la Restauration d’un Developpement durable, as an acronym PALPER asbl-RDC, is a non-profit association working in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Province of North Kivu for the benefit of the vulnerable population, in difficult situations and disasters. It is enregistered in Democratic Republic of the Congo with juridic personality N° JUST./SG/20/1170/2018. The Association carries out its activities through the Coordination Office located in the territory of Riutshuru, Representative Office in the city of Goma at KARISIMBI,KATOYI, LEMBI N°18, and various liaison offices in the territories of NYIRAGONGO AND MASISI in North Kivu province. It was created on September 06, 2015, by the initiative of concerned women, men and youth to contribute to the development of their countries, but also to improve the living conditions of the population vulnerable, in difficult situation and disasters in the Democratic Republic of Congo. She is recognized by Congolese law.
The head office is established in Rwanguba, KIREMBA N° 26, in Territory of Riutshuru, Province of North Kivu, in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

The vision of the PALPER asbl-RDC Organization is to place people at the center of development, without discrimination, distinction of race, sex and / or religious affiliation, ethnicity for the emergence and restoration sustainable development.

• Fight against poverty for the emergence and restoration of sustainable development,
• Provide citizenship education and sustainable peace management.
• Protect natural resources for the protection of the environment and the promotion of tourism.
• Contribute to the promotion of health, hygiene, solidarity between the peoples, communities and groups organized for the advancement of social justice, peace and fraternity.
• Fight against epidemics, endemics, and the HIV / AIDS pandemic and others.
• Help improve the socio-economic conditions of the vulnerable population.
• Fight against poverty and hunger within the population in difficult situation.
• Protect the rights of children and women and restore gender equality between families.
• Fight against slavery, trauma, stereotypes, and discrimination,
• Restore peaceful coexistence between different communities.
• Fight against water-borne diseases, malaria, HIV / AIDS, tuberculosis and all forms of disease.
• Sensitize the population on the respect, application and importance of family planning and resolution peaceful conflict in all its forms.
• Provide monitoring and evaluation to restore the durable development to the people in difficult situation and catastrophe
• Fight against early marriage and sexual violence and other gender-based violence.

Our activities are implemented through the following business sectors:
• Education,
• Health,
• Agriculture,
• Wash, Protection, NFI, Microfinance
• Environment,
• Research,

Martin Mashagiro is the President of PALPER asbl-RDC.

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.

Reduce hungry in North Kivu province
People in in DRC Republic Democratic of the Congo, have a Big problem for to found water in there village
PALPER asbl-RDC , provid economic development for the women in RUTSHURU territory for to reduce Poverty