Strategies for Northern Development (SND)

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60700 Moyale

Ansprechpartner: Dida Ali Ibrahim

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Über uns

Strategies for Northern Development (SND), founded 2007, is a Kenyan NGO, working with nomadic pastoralist communities in Northern Kenya (Marsabit, Mandera and Wajir Counties), that aims to encourage and support local initiatives that enhance sustainable development through the adoption of cutting edge technologies and approaches. SND promotes the use of local resources, appreciation of local knowledge and experience as the building blocks for development activity.
SND works on issues related to food security and livelihood, health and nutrition; pastoralist child education; drought preparedness; emergency and climate change; child protection and human rights; good governance; Women and youth empowerment, water and sanitation and conflict resolution.

SND envisions to build resilient and empowered pastoralist communities who are in control of their lives and livelihoods.

SND´s mission statement is to enhance pastoralist communities´ resilience to poverty shocks, climate extremes and its impacts through secured livelihoods, access to affordable quality education and Health care services as well as good governance.

• To promote access to affordable quality education and health care services
• To promote citizen participation in setting up of people centred, accountable and responsive devolved governance.
• To promote respect for human rights and social justice
• To promote peaceful coexistence among pastoralists communities in Northern Kenya
• Enhancing the capacity of local communities through integrated programs built on constructive cultural and modern practices to make use of available local resources and increased sustainable diversified livelihoods and economic development.
• Bridging the gap between the local community and the outside world through community-driven development initiatives for long-term sustainable benefits.
• To enhance accessibility of natural resources (portable water, rangelands) for human, livestock and crop production in a conserved and sustainably managed environment
• To build synergies with local institutions (community groups), non state actors, line ministries and other development partners to ensure complementarities and effectively and efficiently respond to growing needs of the local communities.

Thematic Focus:
• Governance: Peace building and conflict resolution, human right/advocacy and social justice and natural resource management
• Building Resilience and Adaptive Capacity: Climate change, food security & livelihoods development, women and youth empowerment
• Children: Education and child protection
• Health: SRHR, HIV/AIDS, Animal health and hygiene and sanitation
• Emergencies: Food relief, cash transfers, water tankering and provision of livestock feeds and fuel subsidy

Dida Ali Ibrahim is the Chief Executive Officer of Strategies for Northern Development (SND).

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.