KABANI - the other direction

VI 325 (2), Kalpetta North, Kalpetta
Kerala, Wayanad (Dist)

Ansprechpartner: Sumesh Mangalassery

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Über uns

KABANI – the other direction is a non profit initiative of a group of people who love their land and want others to love it too.
Named after the Kabani River, one of the rivers in Kerala flowing in the ´other direction´ than most of the rivers in Kerala, we are trying to facilitate an ´other direction´ in the present form of tourism. We attempt to question the present models of tourism development which is not inclusive and investment intensive.

We are concerned about the impacts of tourism and development on people´s livelihood and environment. Our prime objectives are sustainable socio–economic development of local communities and conservation of natural resources that provides the basic of community livelihood.

• We do research with the strong focus on the impact of tourism on lives and livelihood of communities and natural resources. We research on the environmental, economic, socio-cultural and economic impact of tourism.
• We also critically analyze the impact of tourism and related policies on communities´ especially local communities in order to analyses its impact to the lives and livelihood of communities´ especially local communities in the destinations.
• We work towards a programme called ´Public Interest Research´ series which facilitate further awareness, campaigns, advocacy on the issues and threats faced by local communities.
• Mostly we work with local movements, Community Based Organizations, people´s movements in order to facilitate their skills in tourism related community level research.
Campaigns and Advocacy
• We facilitate campaigns and advocacy and support people´s movements, struggles against mass and centralized forms of tourism which is undemocratic atic, unsustainable and investment intensive.
• We question tourism practices which undermines the human rights of the communities in destinations. We try to ensure local communities concerns and voices to be heard at various policy levels.
• We believe in decentralized democracy where communities should have access and control over decision making which affects their live and livelihood. Our facilitation in campaigns are aimed to assert and defend the human rights of local communities.
• Training activities to endorse sustainability in tourism development.

We facilitate community tourism initiatives, which find their basis in the local population, focussing on sustainable socio-economic development of villages and the conservation of natural resources. We are working mainly in Kerala and Tamil Nadu.
• Bamboo Village Programme, Thrikkaipetta, Wayanad, Kerala: Ethical homestays in Thrikkaipetta
• Save Kuttanad - See Kuttanad – Alleppy, Kerala: Empowering Coastal Communities

Sumesh Mangalassery is a coordinator of KABANI – the other direction.

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.