Friends Association for Integrated Revolution (FAIR)

45/1, R A Khan Chowdhury Road, Chay Raster More, Thanapara
7000 Kushtia

Ansprechpartner: Dewan Akhtaruzzaman

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Über uns

Friends Association for Integrated Revolution (FAIR) is a non-profit, non government, voluntary human rights and research based organization established on 10 May 1995.

FAIR started its operation in 1996 for the welfare of the disadvantaged and deprived of rights, downtrodden, distressed, illiterate and unaware, especially socially excluded and marginalized Dalit, indigenous, women, and children in the country. The organization is run by a group of dedicated and committed people full of youth, vigor and innovation.

To create a self-reliance and sound society, the organisation is conducting various activities including training on medical care, education, IGA support, agro-based skill development, basic knowledge on and human rights, legal aid, mediation, awareness, modern and scientific training programmes.

• Gharefera (A Innovative Initiative of FAIR): FAIR originated its sister organization Gharefera. The main objective of this organization is to develop the environment to flourish creativity of children through music, drama, paintings, recitation, literature, science etc.
• Harijan Adibashi Shiksha Unnayan Forum (HASUF): Harijan Adibashi Shiksha Unnayan Forum (HASUF) is civil society initiative for the improvement of education of marginalized and right deprived community.
• FAIR Guest House
• FAIR Catering & Event Management Project
• FAIRTech (A ICT and Technical Training Institute): FAIRTech is a ICT and Technical training Institute run by FAIR. To generate employment opportunities for the disadvantaged, right deprived, Dalit, Harijon, Adibashi, physically challenged, victims and their dependents and meritorious poor student is the main objective of the FAIRTech.
• Water, Sanitation and Hygiene for Indigents and Needy Groups (WASHING): Community training on water, sanitation and hygiene; Hygiene education in schools; Advocacy with local government; Arsenic test; Cultural activities
• Empowering the Disadvantaged in Bangladesh through Access Justice by the Right to Information Act: Capacity building on RTI; Application for Information under RTI
• Combating against Domestic Violence (CDV): Providing door step legal services; Awareness Rising & Sensitization
• Prevent Dropouts of Harijon & Adibashi Children from School: Ensure Standard Education through Child Animation Centre
• Empowering the Harijon Community through Involving into Development Process

Dewan Akhtaruzzaman is the Chief Executive Director of the Friends Association for Integrated Revolution (FAIR).

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.