Lilongwe Wildlife Centre

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Ansprechpartner: Jonathan Vaughan

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Über uns

Lilongwe Wildlife Centre is Malawi´s only sanctuary for rescued, orphaned and injured wild animals. It is also the world´s first accredited "People & Wildlife" centre, working with the local people with the key objective of promoting nature conservation that will benefit both the people and wildlife of Malawi. The basic criteria of becoming a "PAW" accredited facility are Wildlife rescue, rehabilitation & release; Education & Community Outreach and Financially Sustainability.

Lilongwe Wildlife Centre was originally set up in 2007. Lilongwe Wildlife Centre is a not-for-profit, registered NGO and we aim to become financially self sustainable by 2012.

As a wildlife rescue, conservation and education centre, we aim to:
• Provide sanctuary for rescued, orphaned and injured wild animals
• Promote conservation by working together with local communities through education and community outreach
• Welcome visitors to experience the benefits of conservation for themselves, as a true centre for both the people and wildlife of Malawi.

Wildlife rescues & releases:
• Lilongwe Wildlife Centre is Malawi´s only sanctuary for orphaned, injured and rescued wild animals and therefore plays a crucial role in the country´s wildlife conservation. Our team is on call 24 hours a day, either to accept new admissions or accompany rangers from Department of National Parks and Wildlife to perform confiscations and rescues. We also accept international rescues, repatriating wild animals back to their home continent. We are well equipped with a new vet clinic, an orphan care centre, plus our team of 10 permanent animal carers which is also supported by international volunteers.
• We aim to provide all animals with the highest standards of care in the largest of enclosures whilst they remain with us. However, wherever possible we release these animals back into the wild where they belong.
• Our education programme focuses on people and wildlife issues such as illegal bush meat and pet trade, deforestation, habitat pollution, waste management, health and nutrition and climate change.
• Our class twinning initiative also gives international schools the opportunity to sponsor disadvantaged children through our education programme, promoting numeracy and literacy as well as wildlife conservation.
Community Outreach:
• Green & Clean Programme: This programme has the core aim of helping to restore degraded land and ensure its protection in the future.
• Adult Literacy: Lilongwe Wildlife Centre has helped to fund and facilitate adult literacy classes within the community.
• Malambe Juice Production: Lilongwe Wildlife Centre has been able to help one of the local community groups to set up their own mulambe juice production cooperative. Training in business and production as well as start up materials have been provided, and the juice will be sold in the local communities.
• Libraries: In partnership with the National Library Service, the Centre has helped to set up libraries within some of the poorest schools and orphanages in the area.
• Wild Picnics: A number of ´wild picnics´ have been thrown for a number of the local orphanages. Children have had a fantastic day out, taking a tour of the sanctuary, playing endless games and finally going home with a full stomach and a little present.

Jonathan Vaughan is the General Manager of Lilongwe Wildlife Centre.

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.