Noah´s Ark Animal Sanctuary

Paradise Bay,
L.O. Mellieha

Ansprechpartner: Fabio Ciappara

+356 79730900


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Über uns

The registered charity organisation Noah´s Ark Animal Sanctuary was founded by Fabio Ciappara in 2003. The aim of the Noah Ark animal sanctuary is to give every dog a warm place to sleep at night and their rehabilitation and recovery from many injuries. They have a policy never to put a dog down unless it´s in pain or a danger to humans.

Our work
• In November 2004 it succeeded in renting premises in the limits of Paradise Bay, Cirkewwa and set up adequate accommodation for the dogs that were rescued from the streets. The number of pens increased at a steady pace and the organization can now accommodate around 150 dogs in comfort.
• Noah´s Ark launched a neutering programme for dogs in 2006 with the support of German organisation ITV-Grenzelnos.
• In 2008 a large piece of land adjacent to the premises was allocated under a management contract with the government. This area is fenced and dogs can take it in turn to run about in selected groups for long periods during the day.
• The aim of our organisation is not simply to recover abandoned dogs and provide them with adequate shelter and veterinary care. We make efforts to find suitable homes for them both in Malta and abroad.
• Our aims are also to promote animal welfare in general. We have succeeded in prodding the authorities into setting up a department of Animal Welfare Promotion and Services. We have also obtained a commitment from the government to introduce registration of dogs.
• In 2009 we finally succeeded in introducing an emergency ambulance service for injured stray dogs and cats 24/7 in collaboration with the Government. Our seven month pilot scheme, from June to December 2009 was so successful that the Animal Welfare Department are now maintaining the service. We cooperate with all animal rescue organisations as well as with the relevant authority.
• Presently, we are focused on upgrading the facilities for the dogs in our care. Fund raising activities are the lifeline to our operations.

Fabio Ciappara is the Founder of Noah´s Ark Animal Sanctuary Malta.

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.