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Über uns

JIGYASA is a non-governmental organization. It is run solely by the students with the aim of helping them irrespective of their caste, colour, creed, nationality and economic standards. The roots of JIGYASA sprouted up in the interiors of Haldia when JIGYASA took an initiative to teach economically backward students under its initiative, JAGRITI. Members reached out to these kids and within days JIGYASA became a success even among the slum dwellers of Haldia.
Jigyasa is a Sanskrit word which means curiosity, the act of asking questions. Jigyasa, a non-governmental organisation aims to meet this thirst of curiosity of the knowledge seekers.

Our mission
JIGYASA is all about creating a positive difference in our society which begins with ´US´, with ´YOU´ and the motto "§For the Students, By the Students ".JIGYASA relates to the spirit of learning. The curiosity of achieving excellence and gaining knowledge is JIGYASA.

Our vision
Achieve its objective and be accepted as a large platform. That will be the day when JIGYASA will no longer be a "query" but instead becomes an "answer". We here at JIGYASA look forward towards the students, faculties to help us in achieving and helping you realize your dreams and make "enquiry" your sole purpose of learning. Educating young minds to create a difference.

Areas of work
To complete our mission and fulfill our vision, we had to work in many different fields but related to studies. After all it is the basic ingredient for a better future.
• Technical events: Seminars and workshops
• JAGRITI: Jagriti (The awakening), is a section in JIGYASA working for empowerment of poor children. We believe that the key to lasting change in iniquitous social structures lies in nurturing the inherent strengths of vulnerable groups especially to the poor children. It aims to eradicate problems like child education (which is a big issue in a country like ours). Studies indicate a positive contribution to the lifestyle and economy. So, JIGYASA introduced a section under it, named JAGRITI, in which we teach under privileged children.
• Discussion classes: "Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will" the following line is true, doubt has the potential to not only derail our entire carrier but also prevent us from trying something new. JIGYASA came up with a noble idea to organize discussion classes, wherein seniors were requested to spare few hours to their juniors so that a attractive ambience can be generated where doubts can be put forward and cleared in the most easiest way. An alternative was provided to put forward the queries and doubts on a social networking page of JIGYASA so that any person can give his answer and a atmosphere of help can be created. The main motive is to replace every student´s "if" and "but" with answer. Counseling classes; Classes of C Programming and web building; EXAMOMANIA
• Extra activities: PHOENIX; DIWALI Celebration; Republic Day Celebration; Holi Celebration; Chennai Flood Donation; Blood Cancer Donation

DIPAK RAJA is the President & Founder of the JIGYASA.

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.