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  • Medienprojekt
  • Menschenrechte
  • Frauenpolitik/feministisches Projekt

Über uns

Frame of Mind Films is a US non-profit documentary film production company established in 1999 by executive producer Rosemary Rawcliffe in Albany, California.

Our vision is a world committed to resolving human rights violations and social injustice through non-violent means: a world in which women are honored for who they are, and are included in a world in which each individual voice counts and is heard, a world where the essential good in everyone is encouraged and allowed to manifest. A world in which our leaders are inspired to be responsible and committed to the well being of the planet and people they serve.

Our mission is to promote human rights, peace, and non-violence.

Frame of Mind Films creates innovative media that fosters individual and social awareness and transformation. Our documentary films, media, and publications educate, entertain, and enlighten. Extraordinary life stories that bear witness to spirit, hope, and courage unfold as we explore the universal themes of tolerance, human rights, and global harmony.

• Nature Speaks – this feature length documentary film tells the story of how endowing nature with her own legal rights is redressing the balance between the out-of-control exploitation of our planet´s riches and Mother Nature´s right to renew herself. Nature Speaks explores our power to create and destroy, preserve and exploit, unite for communal progress and splinter for personal gain.
• The Empty Chair explores non-violence, past and present, and the spirit and philosophy that drive the movement´s core.
• Women of Tibet Trilogy: of one-hour documentaries exploring the Buddhist values at the heart of Tibetan culture — compassion, nonviolence and peace

Rosemary Rawcliffe is the Founder and Executive Director of Frame of Mind Films.

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