Paradigm Initiative Nigeria

(Lagos Digital Village)

43, Lawani Street. off University of Lagos Road, Onitiri-Akoka
Yaba 101011, Lagos

Ansprechpartner: Bright, Bobby



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Über uns

Paradigm Initiative Nigeria started with a discussion between friends. Concerned about the obvious rate of illiteracy and lack of involvement of youth in Information Society processes, the initiative seeks to fill the existing gap by equipping youth with appropriate Information and Communication Technology skills while also linking them with opportunities to develop themselves, join in the task of nation building, give expression to their talents towards the need for regional cooperation, and ensure global participation. Since 2001 this initiative has moved in the direction of this ambitious task.

Paradigm Initiative Nigeria is volunteer-based, youth-led, flexible, virtual and practical in its approach. It believes that in the next few years, other efforts and its will be weaved into a fine matrix in order to produce a sustainable youth inclusion and empowerment drive that will help fulfill Nigeria's dream of active participation in the Information Society, and the global economy at large.

Paradigm Initiative provides free lessons on Information Technology for people of all ages with the youth being its main focus. Presently it has over three hundred youth below the age of 30 years and about fifty five above 30 years. At the end of every course which has a duration of 6-8 weeks, students undergo a certification test after which successful ones are given certificates and Diplomas depending on the duration of the course.

Mr. Bobby Bright is a student and a staff of Lagos Digital Village (Paradigm Initiative Nigeria).

For other net participants we can procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.