Rural Development Centre (RUDEC)

services for a healthy environment and people

Post Box 09 Njinikom.Boyo Div., North west Region
+237 Belo,

Ansprechpartner: Joshua Chiamba

+237 91484776; +237 7723 99 94


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Über uns

The Rural Development Centre (RUDEC) which started in the South West Region in 2001, The idea for RUDEC came about as a means to create opportunities for the Cameroonian youths. The founders realized that by focusing on the needs of rural people, a centre such as RUDEC could empower and benefit local communities.
RUDEC aims to serve the neediest members of the rural communities of Cameroon`s Boyo Division through the creation of education, social and economic empowerment projects.

RUDEC`s over all vision a community where all residents have access to basic education and health resources,enabling them to improve their quality of life and achieve their full potential

RUDEC's mission is to actively seek resources, volunteers and methods to effectively employ these in the community development programs and towards the employment of the underpriviledged residents

• Orphan Education and Care: It is RUDEC`s goal to provide educational, food and medical support, like vaccinations, HIV/AIDS screening, dental checks, eye checks, emergency needs to these children and families.
• Sponsor a Child
• Volunteer Teacher Programmes: RUDEC is seeking volunteers who wish to teach in rural Cameroonian communities. Volunteers are needed to work in schools, with children up to the age of 13, providing additional teaching support in a range of subjects (Mathematics, French, English, Environmental Education, Hygiene and Sciences).
• Programme for Youth - Guinea Pigs: This program helped young people in the community by providing them with both an income and a source of high-protein food.
• Programme for Youth - Tree and Flowers Planting: This Program encouraged youths to take care of the environment through the cultivation and planting of flowers and trees in local community gardens and schools.
• Community Health Initiative: Improving hygiene and sanitation in the local community, where poor practices can cause disease and death. This is achieved by holding seminars about pregnancy and child birth, menstruation, women`s nutrition and breast cancer awareness; Disease prevention & recognition, such as for malaria, TB, HIV/AIDS, dysentry and typhoid; Sex education; First aid; Water storage and purification.
• Organic Farming & Beekeeping: The overall objective of the organic project is to improve food security in the rural households by creating a sustainable environmental and friendly approach to agriculture and health.
• Goat Project: The aim of the Goat Project is to provide a source of income, food and organic manure to local community groups.
• RUDEC Community Empowerment Women Club
• Eco-Adventure Tourism: All profits go into RUDEC projects.

Chiamba Joshua is the Co-Founder of RUDEC Cameroon.

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.

Teach children in our After school and Summer school for our children in Belo community.
RUDEC orphans at the Christmas party. Joing us as a volunteer.
Hiking in the cliffs of Belo
Endurance is making progress after we started him on a food supplement.
Endurance is making progress after we started him on a food supplement.
Orphan children who came to receive their school materials. 2014 and 2015 school year.