Rapid Response

Rescue, Relief and Rehabilitation

#261, SRK Complex, CTH Road, Avadi
600054 Chennai, Tamilnadu

Ansprechpartner: Mohamad Farukh

+91 9884802017; +91-44-42863087


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Über uns

Rapid Response is a registered non-profit organization based in Chennai, Tamilandu, India. As a disaster relief agency, we help people to survive and rebuild their lives through our food, medical, shelter, education and livelihood programs.

To provide immediate, effective and sustainable support for the victims of natural disasters.

We envision a safer and disaster resilient India

Our work
Disaster Response and Preparedness:
• Rapid Response, respond immediately to families affected by natural disasters with food aid, water and essential items and also work towards rehabilitation of the affected families.
• Our emergency responses are timely, at appropriate scale and scope, providing high quality programs, efficiently, effectively, safely and securely for the most vulnerable people and their families.
• We also work to ensure that people are better prepared to cope with emergencies. Our aim is to increase the preparedness of people and their families for emergency situations in the aftermath of natural disasters through community based disaster preparedness (CBDP) programs.
• We aim to manage disasters better, minimize the impact of natural disasters to communities in disaster prone areas and build disaster resilient communities.
• After extensive research, we have developed a Disaster Preparedness and Response Strategy Manual (DPRSM), which guides all our employees while preparing for and responding to emergencies.

Rebuilding Uttarakhand:
Disaster Response:
• Relief – Relief Package Distribution. (Distributed over thousand Relief Packages, which contains Biscuits, Glucose Power, Water, Rice, Wheat, Dal, Blanket, First Aid Kit and Torch)
• Rehabilitation – Shelter, Health, Education & Livelihood.
Disater Prearedness:
• Trainings - Community Based Disaster Preparedness Training.
• Rapid Response preparing the people of Uttarakhand to cope with emergencies in future. We aim to build disaster resilent Uttarakhand.

Mohamad Farukh is the Chief Executive Officer of Rapid Response.

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.