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Jr. Ricardo menendez 808 El Tambo, Huancayo
51064 Junin

Ansprechpartner: Bernabé Suarez

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Über uns

Expand Peru is a non-profit organization, founded in 1999 and dedicated to helping Peruvians in extreme poverty live a better life through programs that focus on education, health, sociability and other issues.

Our Goals
• Directly contribute to the integral development of children living in extreme poverty and social risk in the central Andes of Peru by working in the areas of health, education, and sociability, as well as other programs of volunteer support, bettering the quality of each child´s life.
• Give volunteers around the world the opportunity to develop personally and professionally by using their gifts, talents, and passions to help those living in a state of need.

We provide each volunteer with the tools to make a difference in the areas where they serve. Each volunteer receives support from different centers of social assistance, education, and health that are equiped with a qualified and knowledgeable staff.
Our organization offers assistance where it is needed most. Each program is designed to help our volunteers understand a varied and unique culture while serving in the best way possible. Above all else, we want each volunteer to feel useful and leave with a personal satisfaction all their own.

• CASA: Offer protection, education, and attention to the children of working parents in a safe environment so that the children can develop skills through education, art, sports, science, spirituality, and computers, among others.
• Casa de Bebes: The Casas de Bebes are homes run by a mother of the community where they bring attention to boys and girls between 6 months and 3 years of age. They are implemented in the urban and rural areas all around Peru.
• Construyendo Vidas: Give families in extreme poverty a good place to live, improving their quality of life through construction or remodeling of their houses.
• Orphanage: Integral assistance to children and teenagers coming from a situation of physical abandonment or a situation of a social, material, or moral danger.
• Medical Volunteer: Expand Peru has created a volunteer medical program in which volunteers offer assistance to poor children and adults in different specialized areas. This program is managed by professionals and students in the diverse medical sciences.
• Rural Schools: Promote human development by building skills through the formal teaching of English, computers, and art
• San Juan Diego: offer special attention to the children that live and are attended to in the house of San Juan Diego of Huancayo through moments of happiness and joy by sharing recreational and educational activities.
• Short Term Volunteer: Help the children develop their social, artistic, and athletic abilities through interaction with adults (such as the volunteers), preparing them in this way for their future social, educational, and work-related activities.
• Special Education Center: Education, formation, health and recreation for children with disabilities that receive attention: intellectual, physical, auditory, and visual
• Special Note: If you have an idea, project, or other initiative that you would like to implement to help the unprotected and poor children, our organization can help you accomplish it.

Bernabé Suarez S. is the Executive Director of Expand Peru.

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.