The Peace for Paul Foundation (PFP)

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Über uns

The Peace for Paul Foundation (PFP) is a non-profit organization based out of Uganda. PFP was founded in 2009 following founder Heidi Kaltur´s first trip to Uganda, where she volunteered at a local orphanage. It was here she met Paul, the first child brought into the organization.

Our mission is to fight hunger, fear and rejection by providing destitute Ugandan children with an education, family structure and safe environment in which they can thrive.

Our vision is to transform the lives of vulnerable children in Uganda through education and a sustainable family environment, enabling each child to break the cycle of poverty.

Our goals align with a number of UN Millennium Development goals, namely, to achieve universal primary education, eradicate extreme poverty and hunger, promote gender equality and empower women, combat malaria and other diseases, and reduce child mortality.

• Sponsorship: The cost of the programs outlined below is covered by generous sponsors for each child. Typically, we pair one sponsor with one child to encourage a relationship. Shared sponsorships are available as well.
• Peace Home for Girls & Hope Home for Boys: We provide housing, food, clothing, and security in a healthy environment with support, supervision and socialization. The Peace for Paul children are given the necessary tools to grow and to become functioning citizens of their community, in order to break the cycle of poverty they were born into. We are working with one child at a time and firmly believe that we CAN change the world one life at a time. Each home is managed by one social worker and three care takers, as well an Operations Manager that oversees the entire program in Uganda.
• PFP Junior Program: The PFP Junior Program allows us to help a larger number of needy Ugandan children to obtain an education. The children who benefit from our PFP Junior Program live in our neighborhood and are unable to afford school fees, uniform fees and school supplies. Because they have families to look after them, these children do not live in our home. Rather, these children live with their families and are sponsored through PFP for education and medical costs only.
• Education:
Private Boarding School: The majority of our children attend Victoria Primary School where they receive a quality education. We work closely with the school administration to ensure they excel in their school environment.
Supplemental Education: During school holidays, while the children are at home, we keep them busy and learning with supplemental education programs
Tutoring: Learning assistance is provided to children struggling in a subject when they are home from school during holidays
• Health Care:
Medical: Children are provided with ongoing medical treatment including well-child checkups, treatment for various illnesses, surgeries as needed, and vaccination against typhoid, measles, polio and others.
Dental: A dental exam is performed every six months, along with any follow-up work. Dentures or tooth replacements are available to children who have lost one or more of their adult teeth.
Vision & Hearing Testing: Annual checkups are provided as well as treatment for issues that are identified.
Counseling: Provided to children who have emotional or psychological needs beyond those we can address at the homes.

Heidi Kaltur is the Founder & Executive Director of the Peace for Paul Foundation (PFP).

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.