Misioneros de Esperanza

1 y 2 Calle, 2 Ave., P.O. Box 1712
San Pedro Sula, Cortés

Ansprechpartner: Dina Aguilar

+504 552 32 35
+504 552 32 35


  • Hilfsorganisation
  • Hilfe für Entwicklungsländer
  • Spirituelle Organisation
  • Übernachtungsmöglichkeiten

Über uns

The Misioneros de Esperanza work with 50 young volunteers of the Catholic Church bringing the word of Jesus to remote communities.

They work on prevention and education, and hold discussions on HIV/AIDS, drugs, alcohol, sexual education, the environment, etc.

The Misionaros de Esperanza also provide food, clothes and medicine. They help children and adults in poor areas of Cordillera del Merendon and San Pedro Sula.

Misioneros de Esperanza volunteers will have an incredible experience sharing with the needy, sharing love, as God shared with each of us.

Dina Aguilar is the director of Misioneros de Esperanza.

For other net participants we can offer overnight facilities.