Literate Pakistan Foundation (LPF)

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Über uns

Illiteracy is the national problem of Pakistan. Literate Pakistan Foundation (LPF) has a simple objective to provide the latest systems and technical support needed to win their battle against illiteracy. It has designed programs to provide literacy that can be adapted by people in industries, schools, NGOs and Madaris. They provide Urdu and English literacy programs which are 3-4 months long. Apart from this they also offer elementary, primary and secondary education programs.

Our vision is to see a literate Pakistan in the shortest possible time. LPF is here to motivate organizations and individuals at national and global levels who are interested in eradicating illiteracy in Pakistan.

Our organization supplies books, training and guidance required to setup a literacy center. We critically supervise and analytically measure the pace of performance towards the achievement of our predetermined objectives.

• Urdu Literacy: Only TWO hours a day for ninety days makes it possible for an absolutely non-literate person to read and write Urdu successfully as well as acquire mathematical skills required for basic selling or purchasing.
• English Literacy in Just 4 Months: this 240 hour program is tested and proven to be highly beneficial for the people of Pakistan. Pakistani people belonging to diversified social and lingual backgrounds have achieved the intended targets of this program.
• Primary Education: The program has successfully helped students pass class six entrance test of the government of Punjab. This 250 hour program has enabled many students to continue with their education all the way to the high school (Matriculation). The convenience of two hours a day class has made this program very popular with girls who are not allowed to go to a regular school as well as young people compelled to work during the morning time. Understands key concepts of the following subjects (at grade five level): English language; Urdu language; Mathematics; Social studies; Islam
• Elementary Education: This program squeezes three years of elementary education (grades 6, 7 and 8) in one year. By giving two hours a day for one year a learner covers all the course materials require to pursue class 9th studies in Pakistan. The program covers the following subjects: English language; Urdu language; Mathematics; Social studies; Islam; Physics; Chemistry; Biology
• Secondary Education: At the end of the elementary program a learner can decide to pursue matriculation degree at any school or privately. By now the learner has developed all the required subject knowledge, reading ability and writing skills needed to prepare for class ninth and then class tenth. The primary and elementary programs have made it possible for a learner to study for the matriculation examination with very few tuition or regular classes.
• Mobile Apps: Now it is possible to attain literacy without attending any classes. This app enables a person to gain literacy in a short time, independently. No tuition required. The interactive app starts with the sounds of alphabets and completes with letter writing practices. Repeat as many times as you like. Practice as much as you want. You can have this app loaded in a mobile tablet and 5 students can use the tablet at one time to become literate. The pronunciation and voices used are of highly skilled educators that helps students learn to read with correct intonation and accent. The app has stories, poems and self assessments for interesting and dynamic learning experience.

Rayed Afzal is the Chairman of Literate Pakistan Foundation (LPF).

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.