Kids Saving the Rainforest (KSTR)

P.O. Box 297-6350; 500 Oeste de Finca Anita
60601 Quepos
Costa Rica

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Über uns

Kids Saving the Rainforest (KSTR) was founded by two 9 year old girls in 1999 for the purpose of educating people around the world about the ecological importance of the rainforest, to set-up programs to preserve and protect the rainforest and its wildlife. KSTR, a tax deductible US non-profit and a Costa Rican non-profit, encourages awareness of the critical importance of saving rainforests in general for the survival of our planet and encourages all who participate to take part in sound ecological practices in their homes, schools and communities as well.

KSTR invites participation by schools, children´s organizations and individuals throughout the United States and abroad who further the purpose by learning about the rainforest, doing projects that raise money to donate to KSTR and spreading the message further through educating others. KSTR reaches out to kids, teachers, parents, rehabilitation specialists, primatologists, willing volunteers and others around the world.

OUR MISSION: The Mission of Kids Saving the Rainforest is to protect the diverse wildlife of Costa Rica´s Pacific Coast by rehabilitating wildlife, conducting original scientific research, training volunteers, and promoting conservation.

• Wildlife Rescue Center: KSTR has an extremely successful Wildlife Rescue Center in the heart of Manuel Antonio with over four acres of land, eleven cages, and housing for our veterinarian and rehabber.
• Save the Sloths: We are coming together with the Manuel Antonio community as well as the international rescue and rehab community to institute a groundbreaking new sloth rescue and release system
• Wildlife Sanctuary: KSTR also has a Wildlife Sanctuary for animals who can’t be returned to the wild due to a lack of survival skills or injury.
• Monkey Bridges: KSTR has built over 120 monkey bridges since 2001 to keep monkeys and sloths safely above the road and wires where many lose their lives from being hit by cars or electrocuted.
• Volunteer Program: KSTR has a volunteer center located at the KSTR Volunteer Center at Blue Banyan Inn. Volunteer activities include tropical wildlife zoo keeping, sustainable farming, research projects, crafts, and kids camp.
• KSTR Wildlife Sanctuary Tours: Offer a guided visit to our Wildlife Sanctuary to see various rainforest species that we have on the property. Visitors learn about KSTR´s many projects, and are educated about the rainforest and its wildlife.
• Reforestation: KSTR has planted over 6900 trees to reforest and created a biological corridor to enrich the healthy territory of rainforest animals, as well as 305 breadfruit trees donated by Trees that Feed.
• Kids Camp: More than 200 kids have passed through the KSTR Saturday Kids Camp where they learn and teach about the rainforest.
• Projects in the US and Abroad: KSTR invites schools and groups of environmentally concerned people of all ages throughout the world to support the animals and rainforests of Manuel Antonio, and our precious life giving natural resources in general by doing creative service projects that enlighten people to our mission, teach about the importance of rainforests, and raise money to support our other projects.

Jennifer Rice is the President of Kids Saving the Rainforest (KSTR).

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.