Thane S.P.C.A. (TSPCA)

Rescue - Rehab - Release

305, Gangotri, B Wing Jangid Complex, Mira Road (E).
401 107 Thane

Ansprechpartner: Shakuntala Majumdar

+91 93 2227 1966; +91 8767612344


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Über uns

Thane SPCA is a registered Public Trust, founded in 2002 and recognized by the Animal Welfare Board of India.
Our Motto "RESCUE-REHAB-RELEASE" is followed in spirit by the entire team, consulting surgeons and members of the organization.

Mission statement
Profoundly aware of the value of each animal, we aim at living our mission everyday by serving our community animals with committed compassion to relieve them of their suffering and to restore their health swiftly, scientifically and humanely while protecting and lobbying for their natural rights.

• To become the preferred support system for any animal with any need.
• To run a state of the art hospice where no animal will be denied treatment based on species or pedigree.
• To run the organization with values that will be our guiding principles for everything we stand for, say or do.

The goal of the organization remains protection and welfare of animals and animal rights.

Our objectives:
• Ameliorative: Hospital Mobile Rescue; Mobile Clinic Radiology
• Preventive: Prosecution; Awareness
• Educative: Capacity Building; Awareness; Media Submissions
• Legislative: Implementing of Existing Legislations; Participate in New Formation of Legislations
• Supportive: Individual Animal Activists; Like Minded NGOs

• Kennel and Quarantine Area for 30 Dogs.
• Cat Ward for 20 Cats.
• Cattle Ward for 6 Large Animals.
• Wild Bird Enclosure for Predator Birds.
• Aviary for Non Predator Birds.
• Separate Cages for Owls.
• Cages for Monkeys.

Our facilities:
• Fully Equipped Operation Theatre with Oxygen Facility.
• Out Patients Department.
• In Patients Department for Medical and Surgery Cases.
• Ambulance Service for Mobile Clinic and Transportation between 10 am and 6 pm.
• Radiology.
• A Legal Team of 4 Members under the Guidance of a Senior Advocate Who Is Dedicated Only Towards Animal Causes.
• Absolutely Free Legal Aid from Drafting Letters and Notices to Payment of Bail in Specific Cases.
• No Travel Reimbursement Demanded for any Legal Service.

Shakuntala Majumdar is the President of Thane SPCA.

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.