Global Batwa Outreach (GBO)

P.O. Box 492, Plot 56 Mbarara Road

Ansprechpartner: Anthony Ayebare

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Über uns

Global Batwa Outreach (GBO) is dedicated to revitalizing the marginalized and impoverished Batwa, a pygmy ethnic group indigenous to central Africa. In 2007, Anthony Ayebare, after having grown up seeing the Batwa living under untold suffering, decided to reach out by founding Global Batwa Outreach. GBO runs the Empowerment for the Batwa Program, designing and implementing locally sustainable community projects to help Batwa people become self-sufficient.

Global Batwa Outreach, a non-profit organisation, was born with the aim of providing food, housing, medical services, economic empowerment, skills training, cultural preservation and human rights advocacy to some of the poorest and most underdeveloped pygmy communities in southwest Uganda, Africa.

We develop programs to enable the Batwa to become sustainably self sufficient. The non-profit is a totally independent organization with no political or religious affiliation.

Our Mission:
To provide alternative ways in sustainable livelihood and provide a means to overcome socio-economic challenges affecting the poor.

Our Vision:
Uganda and the world without cultural prejudice and to have access to education and basic neccesities of life such as clean water, shelter, human rights, food and health services being accessed freely by all people

Batwa Empowerment Project:
GBO seeks to empower the Batwa and to strengthen the community by developing sustainable solutions to their physical, economic and social challenges. GBO´s work is two-fold:
• First, we provide tools which enable the Batwa to become self-reliant and to break the cycle of poverty and oppression. These tools range from agricultural development to education to health care.
• Secondly, we provide advocacy by creating awareness among community leaders and by educating the entire community on human rights issues and ethnic tolerance.

• Education: We built Good Grace Primary School. 270 Students receive quality tuition free Education from our school. They each receive two meals a day, books and Uniforms
• Health Care: We established the Good Grace Medical Center. We provide Health Care, Safe Motherhood, child Care and HIV/AIDS programs
• Projects for bee-keeping, livestock-rearing, and small-plot gardening have helped the Batwa taste economic empowerment.

Anthony Ayebare is the Founder and Executive Officer of Global Batwa Outreach (GBO).

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.