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Über uns

Solid´Africa is a Rwandan not-for-profit organization aiming to support the most socio-economically vulnerable individuals in need of medical assistance. Solid´Africa is committed to ensuring that the basic needs of patients such as food, hygienic products or transportation to hospital are covered.

Solid´Africa, founded in 2010, is a young and dynamic local NGO that helps vulnerable patients in public hospitals in Rwanda.

Our mission
Helping & supporting vulnerable patients in Rwandan public hospitals.

Our organization is providing a citizen and humane response to contemporary social challenges. The building of Rwandan, African, and world society relies on the involvement of its citizens, solidarity.

Working along with social workers, our six main programs are:
• Gemura - Food for All: Solid´Monday – Lunch every Monday at CHUK – Target: 300 patients; Daily Breakfast – Milk, porridge and bread distributed every day at CHUK and Muhima (Intensive care and Emergency Units) – Target: 80 patients; Follow up and catering for special diet; Mike Stenbock Gemura Kitchen – Building a RWF 50 million public kitchen to feed 1000 people every day in 4 public hospitals in Kigali. Project in launching phase.
• Kiza - Medical Expenses: Payment of medicines for the most socio-economically challenged and for special cases; provision of special care items including crutches and wheelchairs.
• Sukura - Hygiene: Provision of clothing items and personal hygienic products (such as soaps, toilet papers, sanitary pads, towels, blankets, etc.)
• Gombora - Hospital Bills & Transport: Payment of outstanding hospital bills, release of held-in cases, repatriation home trough payment of transportation fees.
• Menya - Awareness and Advocacy on public health challenges, and promotion of the "Mutuelle de Santé"
• Kina-U-Kire - Play therapy for kids & educative entertainment, we aim at compensating the lack of financial resources and thus, ease their recovery and accelerate their return back home.

• Our main project is the construction of our Gemura Kitchen. The idea here is to evolve to a more structured and sustainable way to provide food to patients. This kitchen, once built, will feed 1.000 people per day in the four public hospitals in Kigali. We already got the land freely form the Gasabo District. And now we have to go back to all the companies and persons who promised us resources to build it. We plan to have it operational at the end of 2012.
• We´re also working on an educational project: Solid´Africa Honor Society. The idea is to create a program that will train and encourage students (secondary schools and universities in Rwanda) to involve themselves in their communities

Isabelle Kamariza is the President of Solid´Africa.

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.