Young Heart Foundation (YHF)

P. O. Box MD 419; Madina New Road, Rawling Circle Madina

Ansprechpartner: Karim D. Philips

+233 30 250 4793


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Über uns

Young Heart Foundation (YHF) is a Non-Governmental, Non-Profit indigenous Organisation, based in Accra,Ghana, which focuses on Gender, Education, Agriculture, Water, Health and Sanitation and is committed to sustainable development. Our work bridges the gap between Community Initiatives and Charity Project Planning and Development.

The Young Heart Foundation (YHF), Have been Granted a Special Consultative Status by the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC).

Our Vision is to help create a better world especially for the vulnerable and those facing poverty through empowerment.

Our Mission,
Rooted in Love, Equality, Justice and Dignity, Young Heart Foundation partners with people; especially widows, the vulnerable in Society and those facing poverty to help them achieve their full potential in a safe environment.

Our Work
• Agriculture: The Young Heart Foundation is helping farmers in the rural areas lift themselves out of poverty through Training of innovative ways of farming that can help them to increase productivity and fighting undernourishment in other to improve food security and also for the farmers to live a better life as well as enable them educate their Children.
• Education for all: Educational Support Program
• Empowerment: We encourage entrepreneurship and the act of saving. This we do, by organizing seminars, breakfast meetings and other platforms where we bring onboard experts and motivational speakers to give guidance and education, tips on growing your own business instead of always looking out for jobs out there which might not exist.
• Health: We educate communite members about general health practices and healthy eating habits with emphasis on children and expectant mothers through personal awareness programs. We embarked on a program of providing free health care screening for women and the elderly.
• Human Rights: Promoting the Rights of Women, Differently abled persons and the Vulnerable Groups; Child Rights Clubs
• Sanitation: Fa Hyɛ Mu Project
• Water: We work together with communities to establish clean water facilities and sanitation practices, using a mix of practical support, education and sanitation promotion.

• Fa Hyɛ Mu Project: This project aims at improving sanitation within our municipalities through increased public awareness on solid waste disposal best practices and this would be accompanied by an education and awareness campaign that will target Schools, hawkers and the general public to make use of all other waste Bins to avoid littering around.
• Pregnancy School Project: The Pregnancy School is a platform which aims at creating a medium through which issues of pregnancy and maternal health can be addressed and to give potential mothers the necessary information to ensure safe deliveries and a reduction maternal mortality cases. The school also seeks to equip pregnant mothers with expert information and education about their pregnancy and prepares them with what they need to approach parenthood with confidence.

Karim D. Philips is the Founder of the Young Heart Foundation (YHF).

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.