Love Uganda Foundation (LUF)

P.O.Box 37754; Kalagi Roundabout, Nakanyonyi Road

Kontaktperson: Sharifah Namutebi

+256784737486; +256741857276


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Über uns

Love Uganda Foundation (LUF) is a Non-Government Uganda Charity Organization which started in 2006 as a Community Outreach, and in 2014 it was registered as a Community Based Organization (CBO). Later the charity foundation was legalized and transformed into a national center (NGO) in 2019.
Love Uganda Foundation is a charity organization operating currently in Uganda, with offices located after Kalagi Roundabout in Mukono district. Our orphanage is located in Mukono district, Kalagi town, Nakanyonyi Village about 25 miles from the capital city, Kampala.

Our Vision
Promoting and advancing the lives of disadvantaged and vulnerable children through empowering lives and transforming communities with a holistic approach to education, spiritual growth, economic and social development

Our work
• Education Program: Our program has been running in Kalagi- Nakanyonyi for now 6 years under the Project of “KEEPING OVCs IN SCHOOL”. The program has so far impacted 30 Orphans and Vulnerable Children where 10 of them have progressed from Primary level to Secondary level. And we hope to help more children in this area. Love Uganda Foundation is looking upon extending the “Keeping OVCs in School” project to other areas of Gulu and Katete-Mukono to impact more 300 Vulnerable and Orphaned Children.
• Women Empowerment Program: We provide a platform for the above beneficiaries in communities that have undergone Domestic Violence and have kept silent for a long. The platform allows them to freely share and overcome the fears of victimization and bring back hope for a better life. Women Empowerment program helps them to become socially, morally, and economically empowered. Activities Under Women Empowernment Program: Business Skilling - LUF intends to provide knowledge and skills that can make the vulnerable women within our outreach areas self-sustainable; Business Mentoring - This program is specifically engineered for the women who have been equipped with knowledge and skills; Capacity building - Under the capacity building program, Love Uganda Foundation intends to promote the capacity of the women.
• Community Outreach: With our community outreaches, we reach out to various hurting communities in the further rural areas of Uganda and empower them with various life aspects. After identifying such communities, we avail them with educative and sensitization programs to improve their standards of living. These outreaches are in the form of school outreaches, and health camps, hospital outreach, Sensitization, and Biblical awareness which are set in different communities with the intention of reaching the community members.
• Sanitation And Healthcare: Within the Sanitation and Health care program, we provide services to people in communities that directly link to the improvement of their health. This ranges from the promotion of sanitation in communities, Safe and Clean Water, Sexual Reproductive Health, Menstrual hygiene, mental health awareness, and peer-to-peer learning.
• Love Uganda Foundation Childcare/Orphanage home in Uganda: As a childcare/Orphanage, we do provide a home for our children after being approved by the government authority based on the child’s status or condition. He or she is initiated in our family setting from where they find a sense of belonging. Our mother who happens to be a widow able to take care of the child together with other siblings he or she finds at the home and together they make a family. We do emphasize our children being molded and nurtured under a family institute. As this is an avenue for which right and proper morals of life are instilled. We do provide them with quality education, food, health and medication, clothing, and above all Godly principles. Currently, we are renting one big homestead which can accommodate about 50 children. B

Sharifah Namutebi is the Chief Administrator of Love Uganda Foundation (LUF).

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.