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Über uns

The Ihangane Project, officially designated in 2008 as a non-profit organization, supports community-initiated projects that improve HIV prevention, education, diagnosis, and treatment in local communities. We work with the project leaders to incorporate a system of monitoring and evaluation into each project, as well to consider issues of long term sustainability. We are currently focusing our efforts in the Northern Province of Rwanda, and are working with medical professionals and women´s groups to support programs proposed by local people to bridge the gaps in their communities´ HIV prevention, education, diagnosis and treatment programs.

Mission Statement:
The Ihangane Project empower Rwandan communities to develop integrated approaches to the complex challenges of HIV by supporting community-driven projects that increase access to health care, improve health care quality, and foster long term success through economic development

Sustainable Hospital Partnerships:
• The Ihangane Project and Professor Paul Clyde at the University of Michigan Ross School of Business have partnered with Ruli District Hospital to identify means of improving the cost-effectiveness, quality, and sustainability of its health care delivery system. Developing Efficient Communication Systems between Rural Health Centers and Ruli District Hospital.
• Potential business models for local fortified sosoma production.
Solar Power:
• Our first project is a collaborative effort with Catapult Design. The project is based upon a proposal to repair and upgrade the solar power system of Nyange Health Center.
• The Ihangane Project and Catapult Design have been working together with The Nyange Health Center to develop a solar power system that is able to provide consistent access to instrument sterilization, lighting, and communication devices such as computers and a TV/VCR for HIV education. Together, our goal is to create a reliable source of electrical power that can support standard of care health services, including HIV services, at the Nyange Health Center.
Women´s Artisans Associations:
• This program encourages economic development for women who are HIV infected or are at high risk of HIV infection due to extreme poverty by providing access to a marketplace in which they can sell their crafts.
• The Ihangane Project purchases the handmade crafts from the Women´s Association in Ruli. In turn, The Ihangane Project sells the products in a variety of different markets, and 100% of the profit is returned to each group in a yearly dividend.
Nutrition for HIV-Exposed Children:
• The Ihangane Project is working with Ruli District Hospital, Ruli´s Malnutrition Center, and local authorities to address long term food security through the development of demonstration gardens, farming cooperatives, and local production of fortified sosoma (fortified porridge).

Wendy Leonard is the Founder and Executive Director of The Ihangane Project (TIP).

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.