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Über uns

The Micro Loan Foundation is run by a board of trustees, who give their time on a voluntary basis and with Bob Geldof as Patron. Between them they bring a wide range of international business skills and experience to the charity. They are assisted by a team of enthusiastic volunteers many of whom have supported the charity from the start. It currently operates in the Philippines and Sub Sahara Africa (Malawi). 100% of the donations received goes towards the loan programmes and our low overhead base in Malawi and the Philippines.

It uses different types of loan systems. In Malawi, loans are made to groups of individuals with each member running their own business. With Group training and moral support, repayments levels here rise to over 97%. In the Philippines on the other hand loans are made individually and occasionally grants are made for medical provision. Here average repayment is at 80%. The Micro Loan Foundation enables families in the Philippines and in Malawi to become self-sufficient by financing and helping them launch small business projects.

It is not a charity that simply hands out money - it works in collaboration with local community groups, tackles the issues of importance to local people and enables them to build their own future from the initial capital supplied, knowing that the repayments they will make, in turn offer help and support to others.

The charity will have 7 overseas offices until 2007 and there after plans to expand into other Sub Saharan countries.

Peter Ryan is the managing director of the foundation, he has wide ranging experience in Africa.

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff and deliver a lecture in the field of micro credit.