Learning and Development Kenya (LDK)

P. O. Box 13808, Kamara Ndegwa Road, off Eldoret Avenue
20100 Nakuru

Ansprechpartner: Ndeta, Philip

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Über uns

The organization Learning and Development Kenya (LDK) has been in existence since 1998. It is a local organization registered with the NGOs Coordination Bureau in 1999.

LDK is mobilizing all of its available resources to provide the basic needs (food, shelter, education and medical care) for the children of the street, orphans and children from very poor families who have been devastated by AIDS.

LDK is currently focused on providing education for orphans and vulnerable children as well as on improving household incomes. It's main focus area is Rhonda slums, which is currently overcrowded with thousands of people living in makeshift housing without adequate water and sanitation and rely on casual labour, to provide for their families. HIV/AIDS has resulted in large numbers of orphans and children vulnerable to economic and sexual exploitation.

A part from its core programme - the Child Sponsorship Programme, LDK implements an HIV/AIDS project as well as supports families of the needy children with free interest revolving loans (mirco credit) to enable them increase family incomes. In addition, benefiting families are provided with basic skills and business training. Workshops and seminars are frequently held for the beneficiaries with a view to empowerimg them, to ensure efficient implementation of the project.

LDK is committed to the empowerment of women and girls as a proactive strategy in minimizing the impact of AIDS. Girls are especially at risk. According to the report, In the Shadow of Death, issued by the Human RightsWatch, the rate of AIDS for girls and young women between the ages of fifteen and nineteen is six times as high than that of their male
counterparts. LDK is implementing programs in education to develop social and economic viability for the future of women in Kenya.

LDK organizes counselling centers and workshops for the youth aged 14 to 30 years old, in Rhonda slums with a view to sensitizing them to the spread of HIV and AIDS. Seminars are organized in collaboration with local leaders and aim at prevention of HIV/AIDS and the promotion of sustainable behavioral change among youth.

Mr. Philip Ndeta is the director of the organization.

For other net participants we can offer overnight facilities and an expert guidance through trained staff in the following fields: education, community development, local participation in project implementation.