Philanthropy Host Family Service

Ho, SIC Building, First Floor, RM 125
Ho, Volta-Region

Ansprechpartner: Kitsi, Philip

+233 244734345


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Über uns

Philanthropy Host Family Service (PHFS) is a non-governmental and non-profit organization based in the Volta Region of Ghana,West Africa. With the help of local and international volunteers we provide direct services to disadvantaged women, children and all people in need so as to help them become self-sufficient.

PHFS volunteers have a choice of living with one another in a community setting or with host families. Our programs are year round, generally lasting 3 to 4 weeks with longer stays possible.

PHFS programs are designed to bring volunteers of all ages together from different backgrounds, placing them in the community and enabling them to respect and learn about each other’s culture and share their experiences.
Our mission: Poverty, due to lack of access to materials, funds, organisation and training, ignorance and moral decadence is destroying the fabric of life in our society. Under these circumstances many people cannot properly feed their children nor afford good education for them and many women are marginalized in the society. PHFS therefore hopes to organise the disadvantaged, deprived and marginalized in rural and urban communities to use local resources (land, local materials and their own labour) to improve their living conditions while ensuring that the environment is not compromised.

Volunteer opportunities/projects:

- HIV/AIDS/Health
- Constructional workcamps
- Youth camp
- Women projects: Co-operative, micro-credit, sustainable agriculture, skills upgrading
- Environmental

For other net participants we can offer overnight facilities and an expert guidance through trained staff in the field of environment.