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Ansprechpartner: Shushan Doydoyan

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Über uns

“Freedom of Information Center of Armenia” non-governmental organization (FOICA) was founded on June 1st, 2001. The main task of FOICA is to defend the people’s constitutional right to have access to information. The mission of FOIC is to promote application of the RA Freedom of Information Law, contribute to the transparency and publicity of the RA governance system and to stimulate civic society’s involvement in the governance system. The main directions of

FOICA activities are:

• Legal counseling and Strategic Litigation: FOICA provides legal consulting on the procedures for accessing and receiving information to citizens, mass media, NGOs, journalists, and legal bodies of Armenia. The Center helps journalists and citizens to appeal unjustified refusals of access through the courts hence making court precedents in the FOI field in Armenia.
• Monitoring: FOICA monitors the application of RA legislation in state bodies and self-governing bodies. Annually, the center submits 500-600 FOI requests to state bodies and self-governing bodies, thus being one of the most active users of the RA law on “Freedom of information”.
• Trainings: Organizing countrywide trainings for citizens and representatives of NGOs and mass media, as well as state officials, the center helps to improve their knowledge in the sphere of freedom of information. In 2003-2009 more than 3000 persons received knowledge and skills on the FOI legislation.
• Public Campaign: Since 2001 the center has been publishing the “You have the right to know” Bulletin which is the only Armenian periodical specialized in freedom of information. Each issue of the bulletin contains a “black-list” of those officials who have violated the access right of citizens, journalists, NGOs and juridical persons.
• Legislative reforms: FOICA has played an active role in the elaboration and adoption of RA law on “Freedom of information”. Currently, the center initiates the drafting and adoption process of freedom of information sub-legislative acts. Two sub-legislative acts and 7 amendment drafts have already been submitted to RA government and the National Assembly.
• The FOI Annual Award Ceremony: During the Annual Award Ceremony, the Center awards the “golden key” award to citizens, NGOs and state bodies who have best applied the law on “Freedom of information”. State bodies, violating the law on “Freedom of Information” receive the “lock” award.

Shushan Doydoyan is the President of the Center.

For other net participants we can offer expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.