Tropical Research and Development Centre (TRDC)

Securing Children´s Future and Protecting Environment

67, I main, 3 Cross, Nagarbhavi 14 Block
560072 Bangalore, Karnataka State

Ansprechpartner: Krupa Jayanth

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Über uns

Tropical Research and Development Centre is an NGO founded in 1994. It´s working in Uttara Kannada, Mysore and Haveri Districts of Karnataka, India, with an objective to reduce poverty through education and conservation of natural resources for future generation.

Vision: Universal Access to Resources without Discrimination
Mission: Promote Sustainable Communities through Education for Children, community engagement and conservation of Natural Resources.

• To help reduce poverty and promote community economic development through enhancing rural livelihood particularly to women, landless labourers and other disadvantaged groups through Income/employment generation, rural enterprise promotion and better health care promotion with focus on dailts, lambani tribals, Shepherds and Muslim minority communities.
• To improve rural livelihood through sustainable development, management natural resources and environmentally friendly agricultural practices.
• Working with communities to assist and empower women in target groups to develop community based structures and organizations with self-help concept with special emphasis on development of women and developing local women as SHG leaders, members of village Grama Panchayats and in other local level institutions.
• Working in co-operation with other local agencies, Government Departments which are concerned for meeting the needs of the target group in different ways and establishing operational links with such agencies.
• To initiate research and development projects with community participation which ultimately aim to influence the reduction of incidence of poverty, child labor and environmental destruction

Our approach:
• Building Social Capital
• Environmental Regeneration
• Sustainable livelihoods

Major Programs Activities:
• TRDC -PARYAVARAN project in Uttara Kannada and Mysore District is intended to address the climate change issues through regeneration, enrichment of plants and wildlife conservation, restoration of wetlands / water resources and also ensure involvement of youths and local farmers in conservation of natural resource to reduce effects of climate change.
• TRDC-ASHAKIRAN focusing child education and child rights propagation in the rural areas of Haveri District. TRDC- ASHAKIRAN project aims to support out of school children and children with learning difficulties, school administrators and communities ensuring child rights and promoting access to quality education to disadvantaged children.

Krupa Jayanth is the Office Manager of Tropical Research & Development Centre(TRDC).

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.