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Über uns

Hope and Aid Direct is a UK based charity with volunteers spread throughout the UK. Regional teams join together twice a year to form a convoy of aid trucks driving for four to five days to reach the Balkans. Our main focus is the Balkans, and currently Kosovo, but if practicable, and achievable, we will respond to other world emergencies.

Our mission
We take aid, not sides! We deliver aid directly to whoever needs it the most regardless of religion, ethnicity or location.

Vulnerable individuals and families are identified for us by our partner in country NGOs who assist us to deliver the aid directly into the hands of the most needy.

• In addition to our twice-yearly convoys, we fund and promote many in-country projects to help individuals and groups. Examples are
• initiatives such as house repairs,
• beehive and greenhouse provision and
• training, support and equipment for schools, and
• provision of vitally important winter firewood.
• A major undertaking was the complete replacement of commercial washing and drying machines in an in-house laundry at a mental and physical disabilities institute.
As well as the Balkans, we have also assisted with aid and projects in:
• Syria during the 2013 and ongoing conflict / Philippines following the 2013 Hurricane / Thailand following the 2004 Tsunami

• Kosovo: This has been for many years and remains the charity´s main focus. After the Balkans war, the country was left in tatters and we remain committed to bringing some order to the chaos!
• Montenegro: A more affluent country, however, still home to the largest refugee camp in the Balkans, Konik in Podgorica. There have been two trips to these camps, one in 2010 and a recent trip in 2015.
• Syria: Syria continues to suffer the most dreadful civil war imaginable, and is described as the worst humanitarian disaster of our time. Now more than 11 Million people are displaced, meaning they can no longer live in what was their home. Nearly 4 Million people are now refugees in the five surrounding countries of Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Iraq and Turkey, with the remaining 7 Million people still displaced within Syria.
• Philippines: In response to the 2013 hurricane where over 6300 people were killed, Hope and Aid were on the ground with aid that was collected in the UK to help those most in need after their homes were destroyed.
• Romania: In both 2005 & 2006 massive floods affected the lives of many farmers in Romania. An emergency convoy was arranged to help some of the poorest people in the country.

Charles Storer is the Co-founder, Trustee & Head of Operations of Hope and Aid Direct.

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.