Tanzania Community based Options for Protection and Empowerment (TACOPE)

P.O. BOX 11754; Sukuma Street, Mirongo Ward,
Mwanza City, Nyamagana District

Ansprechpartner: Musa John Masongo

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Über uns

Tanzania Community based Options for Protection and Empowerment (TACOPE), founded in 2004, is a national non-governmental organization that promotes community development in Tanzania. TACOPE is committed to contribute to a community of confident children and youth who can enjoy their childhood/ livelihood and are able to further develop themselves.
The head office of the organization based in Mwanza city and another branch in Kigoma region
TACOPE want to be a catalyst for long-lasting positive change in low- and moderate-income communities around the Tanzania, helping them improve their social, economic and environmental conditions. TACOPE brings together communities, government bodies, local organizations, school, donor agencies and the private sector to design and implement our development programs.

Our Vision is to see Tanzanian community being out of poverty and misery.

Mission Statement
To facilitate community development and create an enabling environment in which children, adolescent youth and women realize and achieve their rights to be protected, educated and healthy as well as responsible members of society, while enjoying their livelihood”.

• Health for all which promotes health, nutrition, household food security and income generation,
• Education Project which promotes quality education through provision of early childhood education especially in the rural communities; Support science equipments and books to secondary school
• Women entrepreneurship development initiative which facilitate small loan income generation activities selection; Planning and management to women, the projects is meant to empower women and community members financially so that they are able to contribute towards care and education for their children.
• Also TACOPE has supported 256 orphan children in food and nutrition, school uniform, desks, shoes and exercise books etc.

• Conducting research/ survey in agriculture, education, health, livelihood and environmental.
• Producing and disseminating education materials to orphans children
• Support science books and laboratories science equipment to community secondary school.
• Running income generation activities to raise household income to community members.
• Supporting disadvantaged children in achieving secondary education under the child sponsorship programme.
• Capacity building to staff and community
• Ensuring food security and agriculture technology transfer.
• Running projects activities targeted for rural and urban population on family planning, child health, STIs, HIV and AIDs, adolescents, gender and health, environmental sanitation, counseling and education.
• Facilitate participatory monitoring and evaluation of on going project activities

Musa John Masongo is the Executive Chairman/ Executive Director of Tanzania Community based Options for Protection and Empowerment (TACOPE).

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.