Light for Children (Ghana) (LIFOC)

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Über uns

Light for Children otherwise known as LIFOC was set up in 2005 as a support group for children infected and affected by HIV. From this small beginning, it grew and developed into child-centered organization. LIFOC is a registered organization without religious or political affiliation. It seeks the welfare of needy and disadvantaged children and also focuses on community and humanitarian services.

We envision a future where children in Ghana have a healthy, happy and productive live that enables them to realize and pursue their full potential.

Our mission
• To contribute to the effective promotion of a healthy development for vulnerable children in the Ashanti region.
• To educate and raise local and global awareness of the lives of vulnerable children in the Ashanti region.
• To engage a global community of young people with the lives of vulnerable children, empowering a sense of understanding and hope.
• To enable the deprived children, their families and their marginalized communities to meet their basic needs.

Our Programs
• Preventive Child Sexual Assault Program: Light for Children came out with a project in 2010 named "Preventive Child Sexual Assault Workshop" to reduce the incidence of child abuse cases in the country and to mitigate the effect of this heinous crime.
• Summer School: The "Ghana Summer School" is a programme providing free summer education for poor children in the Ashanti region. Staffed by international volunteers, the children will be taught English, Math, Science, and Sport to help them study towards their exams, and keep up with their peers.
• HIV Children Care & Support: This program involves forty-three (43) children who have been affected or infected by the HIV pandemic. Sponsors provide funding for anti-retroviral therapy, nutritional supplements and extra food to meet the children special dietary requirement, and support for their educational needs. The children receive monthly home visits and monitored with regards to their health, nutritional status and educational progress.
• School Health Program: The goal of the School Health Program is to contribute towards promotion of basic education in the deprived communities. The program includes the following: Physical examination and screening of the school children; Body mass index measurement; Eye test; Filling of referral forms; Dispensing of common medicines like cream for skin rashes, pain killers, worm expellers, blood boosters, multi vitamins, ORS, cough mixtures; Demonstrating to children the proper way of brushing the teeth; Accompanying children whose conditions are serious to health facilities; Follow-up to the schools to visit the sick children; Demonstrating to the children on the proper way of washing hands.
• Education Center

Mike Owusu Gyimah is the Program Coordinator of Light for Children Ghana (LIFOC).

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.